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Winter solstice everest

Winter Solstice Everest

27 laps of the same climb, to reach the elevation gain of the height of Everest, on one of the longest nights of the year.

GripGrab Test Rider Millie took on the grueling everesting challenge on the winter sosltice. A ride completed in under 20 hours with it's highs and lows, totaling 285km and 9000 meters of elevation climb.

A winter solstice successfully celebrated proving that we really can ride all year. Those big challenges don’t have to wait until the summer.

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A ride for the memory books

Read through Millie Gibbons' impressions of her everesting:

"I left home around midnight, with an aim to finish within 20 hours. Rogue time to start for some, but a few friends said they would support and that would be between 3-5 in the afternoon. So aimed to be the most tired then. When the end is in sight I knew I’d get the beans but laps 20-24 I concluded would be the best for some support. And going into the night tired is exhausting but riding through the night, when the sun rises it’s like that was all a dream and the day just starts.

The sun started to rise around lap 10 and it was insane. This climb has an open view towards to sea, so the colours in the sky started turning orange. Truly amazing. And then when the sun popped up at the top of lap 11 I had a new lease of life. The temperature rising and all those kms clocked feeling like a dream. I think it is one of the best sun rises I’ve ever seen, the slow change in the crazy colours or maybe the situation has something to play into that.

6500m I was in a bit of a low but that soon went as I was greeted by Max, with Aquarius and sweets, it just what I needed. The top of the next lap I was joined by Lawrence, Sammy, Mads and Klara. Again another great morale boost. And Lawrence bringing the Aquarius goods too. The elixir of life I call it. All having had a big ride day too but very aware they couldn’t say anything about being tired given the feat I was undertaking."

"9,157 meters climbed over 285km with 16 hour ride time totalling an 18 hour day. 1 hour and 40 minutes faster than I thought! Looking at the stats every climb (except two) were between 26-28 minutes. Consistency really is king and I sure know the one pace I can sustain.

It was a great challenge and one I’m mega glad I’ve ticked off the list, and one I’ll surely do again. It’s a different sense of achievement than an ultra race or riding far from A to B. It’s much more controlled, the snacks you bring are the ones you have so you can be very prepared. I’m used to carrying everything I need, so it’s a luxury to be able to store things at the bottom. And the fact that people can come and support, I love riding alone, but being able to share these crazy things with people makes it special.

It’s hard to visually quantify exactly how far I have been, as I would normally look at a map. But I have this cartoon image of me cycling up Everest and thinking of that blows my mind. The sunrise was one of the greatest I think I’ve ever witnessed but there weren’t so many woah moments, as you know exactly what to expect. Exactly. What. To. Expect. Im not sure when I’ll be riding up that side of Els again…"


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