…journey to cycling greatness

No matter where we ride or how we ride, the endless sky above us is a constant reminder of the power and wonder of our world.

The steady beat of your heart as you push yourself up steep ascents, then the thrill of soaring down the descents, all combines to create a never-ending feeling of freedom and exhilaration. For those of us who love cycling, there's nothing quite like the sensation of cruising along a scenic route, completely immersed in the moment.

For Gripsters Dan Erik and Fredrik, Norwegian natives, the sky might be endless but a Strava segment is not. Chasing virtual trophies is part of their agenda when riding the stunning roads of Lofoten. The allure of owning the local Strava KOMs makes Dan Erik and Fredrik constantly aware of their current ranking: if they're not carrying the crown as they start the ride, then they sure are by the end. It's a never-ending pursuit that acts as a fun and exhilarating answer to their why.

R I D E >> K O M >> C O F F E E >> R E P E A T

dan erik
claiming the koms

Cycling is a way of life. The feeling of the wind and sun on my face, the burn in my legs, the sense of accomplishment when conquering KOMs – it's all part of the thrill of riding. I'm not obsessed with winning, but I'm committed to having fun, and I’m always eager to share my passion for cycling with others, whether it's through organising bigger group rides or heading out with a friend. 

Lofoten offers road riders inspiring opportunities: smooth tarmac, endless sky, fjords and mountaintops in every direction. Plus all the Strava segments, of course! As a local it is difficult not to feel an ownership and take part in the competitive yet friendly atmosphere surrounding the KOMs. It’s a huge motivator for getting out on the bike, and once out there you realise all the other benefits of riding in such stunning scenery. 

ute er godt

The smooth tarmac here in Lofoten allows for a fast ride, with little traffic to interrupt the flow. The feeling of riding between fjords and mountains is exhilarating, challenging and peaceful all at the same time. On a day like this the question ‘why’ fades away and the obvious answer is the feeling of having an incredible experience. Yes, we chase KOMs, but we also lift our heads and appreciate the grandeur of the scenery. I hope all riders have the feeling of “ute er godt, men hjemme er best” (away is nice, but home is best) about their local roads.

Get the kit

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the big why
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