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Join Local Hero Helgi as he unveils the mountain bike possibilities in the breathtaking landscape of the Faroe Islands, or join the WM3 Pro Cycling team on their training camp in Spain + many more stories to make you start dreaming, planning and wanting to go out and do your sport. Our aim is to inspire and share the passion of an active lifestyle.

The Land of Sleeping Beauty

Helgi, a native Faroese and GripGrab Local Hero shows around on his home islands revealing epic scenery and previously undiscovered trails. Read the full story

Gravel and Ice Cream

Hansen’s Bike Race combines 120km of riding on a mix of gravel and tarmac with a gastronomic experience including delicious all-you-can-eat ice cream, finger-food and craft beer. It's a mix of the best of Danish culture: a tradition of excellent food and drinks and bike racing in beautiful nature. Read the full story