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tobias christensen
Meet Tobias, for whom a cycling adventure doesn't need to be a faraway, spectacular journey. Everyday expeditions to local areas with outdoor coffee stops are part of his go-to enjoyments as a cyclist. He is a coffee loving Gripster, who rides all year – anywhere, anytime.

Feeling equally comfortable on shorter rides as on longer bikepacking journeys, Tobias defines his riding as ´fuel for the heart´. When exploring the open ranges of the Thy National Park, he found it to be a Mars-like landscape with endless dunes and plains that served as the perfect arena for his ride adventure.

The windy and slightly chilly autumn conditions meant that Tobias went for the Hurricane 2 gloves as his choice of partner in his quest for fuelling his heart.
These windproof gloves are for all but the very coldest conditions – offering comfort, warmth and breathability across many months of the year and a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. They are best suited to spring and autumn conditions, but are also suitable for milder winter days.

• Windproof and lightly insulating
• Padded palms with enhanced grip
• Soft thumb sweat wiper
• Touchscreen compatible
• Reflective detailing
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