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our best cycling gloves ever
Explore the new premium gloves collection for Autumn-Winter 2022. These are the cycling gloves that will allow you to ride in all seasons, on all terrains and in all conditions during the colder, darker months of the year. Keep cycling in comfort throughout the winter until the warmer, sunnier days of spring return next year
Glove technology
attention to detail
We continuously design and develop products with our full focus on providing an optimal ride experience. Our in-house Research & Development team considers every aspect of every glove – designing, testing, improving as they go along – to ensure the best products for our customers
20+ years of innovation
reinventing the glove
These are GripGrab's best ever cycling gloves and the range is the result of 20 years of experience.

Every detail and feature is meticulously considered and precisely designed, based on updating and reinventing our previous best-selling autumn and winter cycling gloves.

Every glove in our new range is a product of our mission to make riding in all conditions throughout the year an enjoyable experience



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