Exploring natural lines on a mountain bike is about pushing oneself to be better, connecting with the natural world and experiencing a sense of freedom and creativity that can only be found on the trail.


The sense of discovery and accomplishment that comes with finding and successfully riding a challenging section of trail is huge. For Frederik, a graphic designer based at the GripGrab HQ in Denmark, the encounter with the Swedish granite bedrocks and cliff edges was a thrilling experience. His colleague and fellow rider Pierre, who is a local of Gothenburg, took on the role of the trusted guide and made sure they chased down the perfect lines in this area.



The challenge of conquering new lines and pushing myself is incredibly rewarding. I love exploring new areas, so I’m grateful for having friends and colleagues that can introduce me to their favourite backyard trails. It’s a positive reminder of how much I appreciate cycling. I look forward to showing Pierre my local trails.


There's something about the combination of physical exertion and mental focus required to navigate the rocky lines in the Gothenburg area that is both energising and meditative. It's a feeling of pure joy! It was so cool to show Frederik my local trails. For a graphic designer, he’s doing pretty well on the bike!

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Frederik's favourites: The InsideGrip technology featured in the Vertical gloves is simply a revolution within grip and control for us mountainbikers. The smooth connection between handlebar grips, gloves and skin is such a natural feeling, that I wonder how I could ever ride without InsideGrip. Finally a perfect glove for us!

Pierre's favourites: I agree with Frederik. InsideGrip is revolutionary. I prefer the slightly lighter Aerolite gloves, which also features InsideGrip. I guess I´m a bit more race oriented and look for all the small benefits to go faster.
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