As gravel riders we learn to pay attention to subtle details, changes in the scenery, the shifting surface. Each element – big or small – contributes to the overall experience of the ride.


A key element of a great gravel adventure is turning obstacles into opportunities. Including four ferry crossings in the same ride might sound like the perfect way to ruin a feeling of flow. Instead, with the right mindset, it opens up possibilities to explore islands, rural areas, backroads and local communities in a landscape made of fjords and fields



Riding out in the early morning mist with a group of likeminded friends is a very rewarding experience! Usually, one person acts as the guide, navigating a pre-planned route with loads of flowing trails, nice views, secret backroads and several stops for ice cream and coffee. As gravel riders we have a pact of sharing our local discoveries and inviting fellow riders along on our adventures. It’s a community feeling where inspiration and routes are passed on from rider to rider. 

The Four Ferries route is becoming a summer classic, with about 120 kilometres of countryside gravel sweetness, and is the perfect example of how a local area can be a source of adventure and inspiration when you see opportunities instead of obstacles

Marie, Tobias and Colin

Where to begin? With the entire day dedicated to a gravel adventure with ferry rides, each smile and pedal stroke unlocks all the answers we ever had about why we love cycling. The social aspect is important. Sharing experiences is just more meaningful, as we create long lasting memories where each rider contributes with personality, encouragement and positive vibes. 

Another element is the connection to the landscape. When we left the city of Holbæk at sunrise, and gradually worked our way into more remote areas, a magic fairy tale mist encapsulated us totally. For half an hour we rode in 100% humidity, as a cloud had dropped to earth. 

Quite a few mobile phone snapshots were taken during this powerful and unforgettable moment. Combined with the warm sun that eventually broke through the mist and stayed with us for the remainder of the day, such moments are massive answers to 'The Big Why’

Get the kit

Marie: I always use a comfy pair of padded short finger gloves when riding gravel in the summer. The ProGel gloves are a great choice as they provide excellent grip and shock absorption. I like the clever pull-off tabs that make them easy to take on and off.  Martin: I never leave home without a cap! The Classic Cycling Cap does the job of shielding my eyes from the sun, it helps with sweat management and it adds a stylistic element that I really like.  Colin: I really favour the look and feel of the Original Stripes Crew Socks! Their heritage might be from a more urban and street-orientated style, but gravel riding has some of the same ‘express yourself’ feeling that is part of how I ride.   Tobias: A standard item in my back pocket is a pair of Arm Warmers. They take up very little space, and really help me stay comfortable if the conditions turn chilly. They're a ‘just in case’ item, but the thought of having them with me makes me relax. 
progel padded short finger summer glovesComfortable summer cycling gloves, constructed from lightweight high performance materials with excellent fit and maximum freedom of movement
CLASSIC COTTON SUMMER CYCLING CAPThe classic cycling casquette, a must-have for every cyclist's kit collection
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