Comfort is key to having a good ride. If you're wet and cold, your motivation will drop and your training will be ineffective. Regardless of the surface and your style of riding, keeping your hands and feet dry and comfortable play a crucial role in your overall comfort and performance.

Get all the tips and tricks you need for the ultimate wet ride from our specialists, including lesser-known techniques to stay comfortable in any conditions.


Comfort is key to a great ride. Explore our tips and techniques for staying comfortable in wet weather. Theese tips and insights will instantly improve your riding experience.


Wet, cold hands and feet can be caused by a sudden downpour, from constant rain or the result of road spray from wet roads. Each scenario requires a different approach. A pair of waterproof shoe covers and mudguards or an ‘ass-saver’ will deal with road spray, while proper waterproof gloves and shoe covers, plus waterproof (or water-repellent) jacket and bib tights or leg warmers are needed in constant rain. If a downpour is to be expected at some point during the ride, some riders prefer to stick with windproof gloves (with water-repellent properties) and waterproof shoe covers, counting on the gloves drying out during the remainder of the ride. Others prefer to keep a pair of waterproof gloves in their back pocket to avoid wet hands at any time.  

Proof vs resistant

Waterproof and water-resistant are two terms commonly used when describing the ability of a product or material to withstand exposure to water. Although these terms may sound interchangeable, there are important differences between them.

Waterproof materials are completely impervious to water, while water-resistant materials can resist water to a certain extent but are not completely waterproof. The choice between waterproof and water-resistant materials for cycling gear depends on the intended use and the level of protection required. If you plan to cycle in rainy or wet conditions for extended periods, waterproof cycling gloves may be a better choice to keep your hands dry and comfortable, while water-resistant gear will be more breathable and more versatile for use.

on top is better

For the best functionality when it's raining, place your water-repellent bib tights or leg warmers over the top of your shoe cover cuffs, so the water can run off (and not into) the shoe covers. The same approach goes for gloves: wear sleeves or arm warmers over the top of the gloves’ cuffs.

If it’s not raining (but still the conditions are still wet), a lot of riders choose to wear their shoe covers on top of their bib tights, as this is the preferred look.


Most waterproof shoe covers are not suitable for machine washing, as it will risk destroying the waterproof membrane.

For our waterproof knitted Flandrien and Explorer models, we suggest you simply rinse the dirt off at the end of the ride (while wearing the shoe covers), or hand wash them and hang them to dry (keep them clear of radiators).



We have dedicated over two decades to providing cyclists with reliable solutions to keep their hands and feet dry, warm, and comfortable. We see this as the essential elements of any good ride, and with our extended product line of socks, caps, and more, you can add those little details that make a big difference on your next rainy ride.

gloves & shoe covers

When cycling, it's important to keep your hands and feet warm and dry, especially in cold and wet weather. There are several reasons for this:

Performance: Cold, wet hands and feet can affect your performance on the bike, as energy is diverted away from your muscles.

Comfort: Cold, wet hands and feet can quickly become uncomfortable and make it difficult to enjoy your ride. By
keeping them warm and dry, you'll be able to ride for longer periods of time without discomfort.

Safety: Cold, wet hands and feet can become numb and lose their dexterity, making it difficult to grip the handlebars or operate the brakes and gears effectively. This can increase the risk of accidents or injuries while cycling.

Health: Exposure to cold and damp conditions can lead to cold-related illnesses. By keeping your hands and feet warm and dry, you'll reduce the risk of these conditions and stay healthier

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+ Waterproof cycling cap
Start at the top

On those occasions when a beanie or skull cap beneath your helmet will be too warm, but rain protection is still preferred, a waterproof cycling cap is a great choice. The breathability will contribute to comfort and allow perspiration to escape. To ensure optimal fit, the cycling cap comes in two size options.

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The purpose of the innovative CyclinGaiters is to create a tight seal where the shoe cover cuff meets the calf to prevent water from running into the shoe covers from above. When the CyclinGaiters are used in combination with waterproof leg warmers (or bib tights), be sure to place the leg warmers/bib tights on top of the CyclinGaiters, so the layers take on the same function as tiles on a roof, meaning the water runs off. 

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+ Waterproof Socks
The Final Touch

As a general rule rain and spray should be repelled from the outermost layer (shoe covers for example), but in situations where shoe covers are not an option or not preferred, a pair of waterproof socks can be the decisive gear to keep you comfortable. In very wet conditions a pair of waterproof socks in combination with waterproof shoe covers can provide the level of protection that you need.

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DON't let the rain stop you

Stay comfortable

It can be tough to ride in the rain. But that shouldn’t be because
you’re uncomfortable. It should be because you’re killing it on the hills and powering along on the flats. You don’t get stronger from being uncomfortable, you get stronger from doing quality training.

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Cancel no rides

Deal with the conditions. There are solutions for most tensions. Don’t accept a culture of ‘ride cancelled due to rain’. What are your biggest obstacles to riding in wet conditions? What solutions do you see? We see solutions in the form of waterproof gloves, shoe covers, leg and arm warmers, socks and even a waterproof cycling cap.

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Style = functionality

Is dressing up for a wet weather ride compromising your style? We respect that look is important, but we see style as emerging from combining functionality with true values. Our Waterproof Knitted products are the result of featuring waterproof properties in a great looking design, inspired by the Flandrien cobbles.  

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Opportunity knocks

Instead of seeing wet weather as an obstacle and an excuse for staying at home, see it as an opportunity to ride in a different setting. The combination of
exercising your body and getting stimulated by your surroundings is what makes cycling the greatest activity. Don’t miss that opportunity. Expand your options. 

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