In this celebration of the bike commuter we give you some tips and tricks to perfect the art of the cycle commute

At GripGrab we are riders of all types, and we know that commuting means different things to different people.

Across two decades of developing cycling essentials and riding to work through the Scandinavian seasons, we know a thing or two about the challenges of commuting by bike: rainy days, cold mornings, being vulnerable in busy traffic, to name a few. Over time, we developed solutions to these challenges and worked them into our wide range of cycling essentials for all conditions, terrains and riding styles.

We want more riders to experience the benefits of cycle commuting and we have made it our mission to create solutions to the problems experienced when cycling to work; so riders can live out their cycling potential.

Jump right into our curated selection of commuter essentials or read on for tips and advice on modern day bike commuting.

Benefits of bike commuting


Commuting by bike is a great way to add a workout to your everyday life with all the health benefits it brings. It can be a low or high effort activity and most people see it as "free" me-time in an otherwise hectic day. For the cycling enthusiast, commuting is a great way to get those extra kilometres in – even in the off season. They plan a route to fit in various intensity intervals and even improve on weak spots and their general fitness level


Morning traffic is a hassle, it's slow to get around town by car or public transport and parking is usually a nightmare in an urban environment. More and more city centres are working to remove motorised traffic. The bike is always available and a quick and nimble way to beat traffic in busy streets. Parking your bike is rarely an issue and many people have access to dedicated areas in their workplace to keep bikes safe and dry


Door-to-door, bicycle commuting can often be quicker than other options, such as private motor vehicles or public transport. As well as being quicker, cycling to work or school has the added benefit of combining exercise into your daily routine and gives you the option of stopping en route to visit the supermarket, or simply enjoy being outside


Across Europe and the world, everything is getting more expensive. Fuel for vehicles can be a huge expense and public transport ticket prices rise with inflation, all while the general cost of living goes up and up. Contrast all that with the self-powered and almost-free option of commuting by bike and the benefits become too big to ignore


When commuting by bike you get to lift your gaze and experience your surroundings. There are no wrong turns on a bike and many people choose a detour on the way home to extend their ride and explore the world. If you own a cargo bike it wil soon be the whole family's favourite means of transportation for excusions as well as the everyday commute to school


After the initial manufacturer of the bike itself, cycling is essentially a zero-emission activity. It is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to cut down on their carbon emissions, allowing them and their neighbourhood to breathe a bit better


Eight solutions to the most common challenges

Whether your next bike commute is by choice or necessity, urban or countryside, high performance or laid back, here is the a list of the most common challenges and tips for overcoming them on your journey to perfecting the art of the cycle commute

PERFECTING the commute #1

Being caught in a rain shower is a sure way to have a bad start to your day. Being wet means getting cold and this is especially the case for your head, hands and feet. Waterproof gloves and shoe covers keep you warm, dry and comfortable.

Waterproof products are a necessity for all commuters.

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PERFECTING the commute #2

Hi-vis kit is especially relevant for the urban commuter, but also for those riding on the dark country roads where cyclists are less expected by car drivers. High visibility shoe covers can help to make you stand out and be visible in the traffic.

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PERFECTING the commute #3

If you are cycle commuting all year round, it is essential to stay warm and comfortable so you don't give up after one cold ride. But it is also not about putting on as much clothing as possible, because excess sweat will soon cause a chill and lead to discomfort. Warm but breathable clothing, layered up to suit the conditions and you as a rider, is what you need to keep riding to work throughout the year.

PERFECTING the commute #4

As a commuter you put your gear at the frontline against the conditions. Rain, wind and road spray are constantly charging at you. The duty of protecting you is trustfully handled by your gloves and shoe covers.

Our gear is made for continuous day-after-day use, withstanding the conditions. Your commuting kit must also endure daily wear: gloves gripping handlebars and shoe covers being put on and taken off, for example. Investing in durability is investing in your fulfilment.

PERFECTING the commute #5

With a bit of time to spare, you might choose to ride the long way home. That route could see surface changes and more challenging terrain, so you need the kit for all surfaces and conditions. A change of route and surface can mean a need for grip on gravel roads for example. Silicone grippers on the palm of our gloves supports multiple riding styles.

PERFECTING the commute #6

You want to feel fresh when you arrive, and no one wants to climb back into damp smelly clothes for the return ride home. Applying the layering principle, with a baselayer next to your skin, is the sensible solution to stay comfortable during your commute rides. By using baselayers with Polygiene® technology you avoid fabrics that build up bad odour over time, and you keep your kit fresh and ready for the return commute.

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PERFECTING the commute #7

Dressing up for commuting means different things for different riders. A committed performance rider, using the commute as a training sessions will appear differently from a more casual commuter – but their priorities are alike: selecting gear that fits their riding style. Features and functionality combine in the form of our timeless designs to match all riding styles.

Our products are designed to function with your preferred look, whether that is tight Lycra or a more casual style. Our waterproof knitted products are great examples of our approach of combining subtle elegance with superb functionality. 

PERFECTING the commute #8

Use your phone without removing your gloves. Touchscreen compatibility allows you to tap and operate your phone with your gloves on. Answering a phone call, selecting a playlist or navigating a map without exposing your fingers to the cold keeps you comfortable.

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