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A Perfect fit

Three rider stories sharing the trust in GripGrab's full range of winter cycling wear and accesories to help them reach their goals.

LORENZO / RACEDAY: “Today was wet and cold. Preparing for a gravel-race situation when the weather is harsh and the route is 80k, is a fine balance between speed versus comfort. The combination of waterproof gloves, waterproof shoe covers, and an insulated upper body worked well for me in the Gribben Gravel Race." Here are Lorenzo's top picks for wet and cold race conditions:

CAROLINE / WINTER TRAINING: ”I thrive for quality in my training rides by making sure that my body and muscles are warm and comfortable. I’m out there with a clear purpose, and all my focus is on having an optimal training session. It is a misconception that cold hands or feet makes you stronger. Training makes you stronger." This is Carolines go to kit for winter training:

KRISTIAN / SUB-ZERO COMMUTE: “Fresh snow is an opportunity for a fun commute! It might sound like a crazy idea, but a detour through the forest is a unique experience. With warm hands and feet and a body that is on alert for balancing manoeuvres I get reminded of how playful riding a bike can be." Here are Kristians favourites for commuting in wintertime:  

A 20 hour adventure successfully celebrating the winter solstice proving that we really can ride all year. Those big challenges don’t have to wait until the summer." Here is Millies go-to kit for her long adventures in the wintertime:  

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