AquaShield High Cut Road Shoe Covers

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  • Riding through the toughest conditions is part of life on two wheels. The GripGrab AquaShield High Cut Road Shoe Covers are designed to offer you protection and comfort whatever the road throws your way. Due to highly water-resistant and windproof stretch fabric, these shoe covers protect you from the muck and spray that gets kicked up on the road.

    The outside seams have been taped to ensure high water resistance. Meanwhile, the extra high cuff provides vital protection from the bombardment of the front wheel jet and seals high up on your calf to provide added insulation and warmth. On the inside of the PU-coated high-stretch material is a soft fleece material that not only feels great but that also, unlike Latex, prevents skin irritation. At the same time, it adds to the insulating properties of these aerodynamic shoe covers.

    Tip: Always wear the Shoe Covers directly on your skin to minimize water running down your legs and into your shoes, especially when wearing long bibs or leg warmers.

    The close-fitting profile of these overshoes provides an aerodynamic advantage, smoothing the airflow (and water flow!) over your road cycling shoes. The reflective detailing on the back of the heels also enhances visibility on the road. These may be marginal gains, but they are vital considerations for any road cyclist.

    If you’re a rider that heads out in all weather, then these are the shoe covers for you. They are lightweight, comfortable, aerodynamic, and highly protective – your shield in the battle against the elements.

    Important Information: Please follow the instructions carefully when fitting these shoe covers over your cycling shoes. They have been specifically designed to be worn with road shoe cleat systems. Wearing them with MTB-like shoes can damage the Shoe Cover beyond repair.