The GripGrab Gravel Crew set out to test the Explorer in perfect conditions
“So many rainy days in November
– this is my new favourite product”
Field test
Have fun go fast

Muddy smiles on a field test day are a positive sign. We set out on a classic Scandinavian Autumn morning and equipped our community riders with Explorer shoe covers. After a short brief of ’have fun, go fast´, photographer Emil prepared his camera for capturing the mood of the day, and the riders were unleashed on the trails.

gravel crew
THE MISSION stay focussed on the ride experience without worrying about wet feet or dirty shoes, and to discover the benefits of the comfort provided by the Explorer Waterproof Gravel Shoe Covers – so all attention is on handling the bike and having a great ride.

Hareskoven denmark
The conditions

Forest gravel roads and single track. Grippy, flowy trails with slippery sections and muddy patches. Dirt and mud spray is as unavoidable as smiles and loads of fun.


Meet Klara, Freja, Caroline, Signe, Tobias, Steven, Louis and Victor – a group of dedicated riders who enjoy a fast pace and technical routes. They appreciate riding all year round and revel in gravel and mixed surface riding in changing weather conditions. They all prioritise functional gear to provide protection and comfort in the challenging Scandinavian Autumn settings, so their minds are free to focus on speed, flow and fun.

We´re grateful for how our test riders provided valuable feedback based on their use their abuse. Also, a huge thanks to all the riders who contacted us with product ideas, suggested product improvements and supportive comments.

Get an inside view of how the acclaimed Flandrien evolved into the new Explorer.