The Explorer shoe cover are the result of listening to feedback from our community of riders.

Gravel specific shoe covers, with similar features to our acclaimed Flandrien shoe covers, have been a popular request and a product we – both as product developers and as riders ourselves – wanted to design and create.

By taking the Flandrien road shoe covers and throwing them into the deep end with numerous brutal off-road rides, we got a clear indication of how the optimal gravel shoe covers should be designed.

The R&D ‘use and abuse’ phase with a feedback process from a dozen test riders, ranging from former pros and elite riders to dedicated gravel warriors, revealed a need for distinct features and properties to achieve superb functionality. It was a process that made our R&D team determined and excited, and their work has resulted in a cutting-edge product.  

The Explorer shoe covers feature enhanced weather protection in the shape of a soft knitted three-layer fully waterproof fabric. The zipperless design makes for innovative and functional shoe covers, that look awesome – and look stylish while fitting well on gravel cycling shoes.

The TPU toe caps protect the front of your shoes from tear, wear and impacts. The toe caps are key to durability, together with the underside wear patches.

Based on our experiences and test rider feedback, these durability elements are crucial for gravel and off-road rides, and result in complete and state-of-the-art waterproof gravel shoe covers.   

We´re very satisfied to present a meticulously designed product, that will bring comfort and superb gravel riding bliss to every rider embracing the changing weather conditions. Our mantra of Ride All Year is yet again encouraged by a product that makes you do just that.

We´re grateful for the valuable feedback provided by our test riders, based on their use and abuse. Also, a huge thanks to all the riders who contacted us with product ideas, suggested product improvements and supportive comments. We really appreciate our relationship with our community of newsletter subscribers and always welcome new subscribers and cooperations.


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