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All new summer cycling wear collection

performance in comfort

Our philosophy is simple: comfortable cyclists are better cyclists. When training, racing or out for a social ride, your focus should be on having a quality training session, a fast race or a fun ride. We design and create gear that enhances comfort and elevates your performance


Purposeful design

Every jersey and bib is skilfully crafted to deliver optimal performance while exuding a sleek, modern and simplistic style that withstands the test of time. The clean lines, muted tones and attention to detail make each item a perfect blend of aesthetics and purpose. Let’s dive into some of the details

no compromise
From high-end woven fabrics that guarantee exceptional durability to warp-knitted fabric that offers a significantly higher level of compression and power: there's no compromise
confidence booster
The GripGrab summer cycling wear is meticulously designed to enhance your cycling experience. Embodying the essence of Scandinavian design, GripGrab's summer cycling wear represents a fusion of form and function. You'll feel it
Men's & Women's specific
complete line ups
We acknowledge the distinctive physiological differences and preferences of female cyclists and have meticulously designed and crafted women-specific cycling wear to optimize the performance of women riders.
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Attention to detail is ingrained in every stage of our product development, from selecting optimal materials to refining stitching techniques – to ensure durability, functionality and comfort are never compromised. This results in products that not only perform exceptionally well but also resonate with the stylistic preferences of our customer base

"The cycling wear range reflects our sustainability-driven approach anchored in the idea of managing cycling life with fewer products, reducing the need for washing and making products that last longer.”

Anne Sophie Goetz, Product Developer