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We want to exist on this planet in a responsible way and to us, our responsibility is clear and simple: the world should be a better place with GripGrab in it, than it would be without.

As a business, we must take responsibility for our social and environmental impact – and that starts with us setting the bar high. First and foremost, we set that bar high for GripGrab, and next for our partners and suppliers. We talk the talk and walk the walk.

In close cooperation with our trusted suppliers, we continuously assess our supply chain for possible impact risks as well as opportunities for improvement. We take action to prevent, remediate and advance wherever we can. We recognise that this work is ongoing and that we can always do better. At GripGrab we are committed to making improvements, big and small, every day.

As one of our valued customers, you might notice small changes in our products over the coming years. These are made to improve our impact (and products), while we of course remain very attentive to never compromising the GripGrab quality that you know and appreciate. We hope you will welcome these changes and support us on our journey.

Our dedication goes beyond cycling gear 

Together we can make a difference for the planet beneath our wheels and all people living on it.