When faced with something so crucial and severe as climate change, it is easy to become overwhelmed - as a company as well as a consumer. But we must not let the search for one large solution stand in the way of the small changes. We need both and every contribution is valuable. We have to help each other, and at GripGrab we are determined to advise and inspire you to make those small but mighty changes.

In cycling, we all love great gear, ourselves included. In fact, having the best and the newest gear has almost turned into its own sport. Unfortunately, this is not very sustainable.

It’s time we start focusing on buying less, but better, gear. Gear that can last for many rides, can be adjusted as your route and the seasons change and can be mended if it breaks. Gear that will help you live out your cycling potential for many years to come.

By buying less, but better, we are one step closer to more responsible consumption.

At GripGrab, we only introduce two sets of new products a year, and we only design the products we see an actual need for. In the autumn of 2023, we will be presenting a line of products that has been designed and developed to limit our need for multiple items.


Our products are only as responsible as the way they are used. The longer you can use your product, the better.

To help you make the most of your products, and prolong their life, we have asked the experts – the GripGrab product team – what you can do to make your products last longer:

• Limit washing and rinse after use. Hang clothes outside to freshen up instead of washing
• Wash with cold water (30°C is all that's needed)
• Follow the instructions in the care label
• Wash inside out
• Wash merino wool products with wool detergent
• Do not use fabric softener
• Wash garments in a washing bag
• Hang to dry instead of tumble drying
• Treat with durable water repellent (DWR) treatment
• Take it easy when getting dressed and undressed, so items don’t tear or break
• Repair it if something gets broken
• If it can’t be saved, find a new purpose or make sure it is recycled
• Look for the Polygiene®label: this means you don’t need to wash your garment after each use​
• Merino wool products can be hung outside to freshen up instead of washing ​
• Teach yourself new washing habits. Consider before you turn on the washing machine.:
1) Look at and smell the clothes. Are they dirty? Do they smell?​
2) Air the clothes through. Preferably on a cloudy and windy day
3) Smaller stains can be wiped away with a wet cloth.
4) Fill the machine and wash on a short cycle

"When developing new products and optimising existing products, we research the most sustainable solution. For example, how we can make a product most durable, or if we can design the product so it will be easy to repair”


By switching from your car to your bike just a few times a week, you can make a big difference. Not only by lowering your emissions and producing less air and noise pollution, but also by improving your physical and mental health. We therefore encourage you to go for pedal power instead of engine power whenever you can