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GripGrab is based on a passion for cycling and running and the dream of building a brand of products that makes these sports enjoyable no matter how cold, wet or windy it is. Great quality accessories make the difference between being too hot, or too cold, between being wet or dry, aerodynamic or flappy and between being seen or not seen.These are the products we live and breathe for.


Our products make cycling and running enjoyable no matter how cold, wet or windy it is – and a sheer pleasure when the sky is blue. But our mission to 'get you out there' does not stop here:

We support athletes with a true passion for running or cycling, athletes who inspire others to ride their bike more, run more, or be more active in general. These are our Local Heroes. We share their stories and bring them to life on our blog, aiming to inspire and motivate more people to enjoy their sport in all conditions.


We are specialists in accessories for cycling and running. The bits and pieces that are a bi-product for other brands is all we care about. That allows us to put great attention to detail in every single model in our range and that is why you can expect a very high level of quality and functionality in every single GripGrab model.


We value the opinion of our diverse crowd of customers from professionals and amateurs to people who just enjoy a lifestyle of Active Living. The feedback we receive is continuously taken into account when developing new products or improving existing ones.


Our objective is clear; to produce accessories to the highest possible standard; enhancing your performance and comfort, as a result.If you experience something about our products that you don’t like, please let us know so that we can improve. Simply go to our product feedback page and and fill out the form.

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