Guide to Aerodynamic Cycling Accessories 2022

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Aerodynamics is a word often associated with marginal gains, wind tunnel testing and time-trials — but those gains are not only for the fastest riders. Aero shoe covers and gloves smooth the air flow over your pedalling silhouette — offering that competitive advantage; that watt saving; that free speed...

When we think of aerodynamics though, we think of silence… a zen-like state that you can achieve as you cut through the air like a knife through butter. Smooth. Sleek. Silent. It is a feeling that any bike rider relishes; and it is for everyone, not just time-trial specialists.

GripGrab Aero TT shoe covers and gloves are your key to Silent Speed.  

The benefit of getting Aero

How much difference do aerodynamics make to a cyclist? Could you benefit from using aerodynamic gloves and overshoes?

Here is an analogy: imagine you are riding along into a strong headwind; it is hard work, and it can feel like you are riding uphill even on a flat road. Now, imagine you catch up with a teammate and tuck into their sheltering slipstream; the feeling is great; it requires a lot less effort and energy to go at the same speed: free speed.

Slipstreaming is a way to cheat the wind, and aero riding kit is another way to get a similar advantage. You can reduce your 'headwind' by making small changes to your kit and body position: less effort to reach the same speed.  

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Silent speed with aerodynamic cycling gloves

When you are curled into an aero riding position, especially on aero-bar extensions, then your hands are one of the first things to 'hit' the wind.

Smoothing out the profile of your hands gives you a distinctly lower drag co-efficient, and as a result wearing aero cycling gloves is an easy aerodynamic win.

The GripGrab Aero TT Race Day Short Finger Gloves are designed with aerodynamics, time-trialling and speed in mind. Their long cuffs help to smooth the airflow around your wrists and the high-stretch backing material will smooth airflow over your knuckles. Wearing these is a simple way to improve the airflow over your exposed hands.

But you don’t need to be a local TT champion to benefit from the free speed that comes with aero kit. Slip on a pair of our Aero TT Race Day Short Finger Gloves and feel the benefit on a ride with mates: silent speed is a joy for every rider.

Aero TT Race Day Short Finger Gloves close up


Added gains with aerodynamic cycling shoe covers

Your spinning feet are one of the greatest sources of air resistance and drag when you are cycling. Wearing tight fitting shoe covers is a quick win to make you more aerodynamic.

The GripGrab Race Aero TT Race Day Lycra Shoe Covers 2 are our most aerodynamic shoe covers to date. The extra tall cuff helps to smooth air flow around your calf and ankles, while the stretch material on the top surface helps to reduce turbulence caused by the buckles and dials found on your cycling shoes.

Wearing the GripGrab Race Aero TT Race Day Lycra Shoe Covers 2 is a bit like greasing your spinning legs: you are helping them to slip through the wind with significantly less resistance. Lightning fast: silent speed. 

GripGrab Race Aero TT Race Day Lycra Shoe Covers 2

GripGrab Race Aero TT Race Day Lycra Shoe Covers 2

It takes a few seconds to put on a pair of aero gloves and overshoes, but it could save you minutes over the course of a time-trial, or reduce the effort required to keep up with your buddies on a weekend ride.

The GripGrab Race Aero range is your opportunity to cheat the wind, beat your mates and enjoy some free silent speed.

Summer Aero Rider


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