• GripGrab is based on a passion for sports and the dream of building a brand of products that makes sports more enjoyable no matter how cold, wet or windy it is.

  • ride in all conditions

    Bring out your new Cloudburst gloves, your AquaRepel Warmers and put on your RaceAqua X shoe covers, and you will experience a new level of comfort!


    Coming from Scandinavia, where the winters are cold and wet, we have always given special attention to our range of winter gloves. Every model in our range of winter cycling gloves is developed considering the importance of giving you comfortable hands on the ride, no matter how bad the weather gets.

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  • Winter specialist

    Keep warm and dry with GripGrab winter gear. Winter cycling gear is mandatory when the temperature drops and the weather is throwing rain, hail, snow and sleet your way. A pair of perfectly designed winter cycling mitts and effective insulating shoecovers will make the difference. Our aim is to make your ride as comfortable as possible, so you can focus on riding those miles.

  • Hi Style

    Style, function and visibility all unites in our
    Hi-Vis range. The RaceAero Hi-Vis shoecovers features high visibility along with excellent aerodynamic characteristics. Perfect for your next session on the road.

  • WARM & DRY

    Running gloves are an essential part of the equipment for those who don’t put their running shoes on the shelf when the temperature drops. GripGrab’s running gloves are designed in close cooperation with experienced Scandinavian runners who all share a passion for running outside all year long.

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  • Spring

    It´s the season of motivation. GripGrab provides you with the clothing you need to keep you protected on cooler days without compromising performance. With your GripGrab Arm Warmers Light comfortably in position, you are prepared and ready for today's ride!

  • excitement

    The feeling of burning legs, gears churning and your heart beating with new excitement! More training, more races - it's a new season and we're ready! We will be with you the whole way - from the cold dark winter, through the spring and into the summer. We're excited too!

  • Meet our Heroes

    GripGrab cycling gloves are worn by a wide array of riders: Super fast mountainbikers, extreme technical downhill riders, dedicated and ambitious road cyclist, but also passionate riders that enjoy their favourite sport with their friends. Meet our heroes...

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  • on the road

    Our range of top quality accessories for cycling is for riders who know the importance of functional and comfortable products. GripGrab gear is designed and developed by people who know the sport.

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    Check out our awesome range of cycling gloves, shoe covers, socks, headwear and warmers for cycling.


    We have created our cycling products to keep you comfortable, and make you feel and look good while riding your bike.

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    Explore our line of gloves, headwear and warmers for running engineered in cooperation with demanding runners who know the importance of reliable equipment.


    We offer you a range of products which will keep you comfortable and warm on your run at all times.

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Maximum comfort and control while cycling and running

GripGrab is a Danish brand created from a vision that sport may be hard, but not necessarily uncomfortable. The joy of doing sports shouldn´t be compromised by not having the right gear. Together with dedicated athletes GripGrab designs and develops top products that meet the requirements for both professionals and amateurs. Having the right gear is a decisive factor for whether or not a ride or a run is a great experience. Wear GripGrab and experience comfort, control and motivation for doing what you love to do.

The GripGrab product range includes all the accessories cyclists and runners could ask for. At GripGrab, you will find gloves for summer and winter, gloves for the road bike and the mountain bike. GripGrab's cycling gloves are known for their high quality, remarkable comfort and unique DoctorGel padding. Our winter cycling gloves are optimized for their respective purpose. Whether you're looking for a glove for on the road bike, mountain bike, cross bike or simply a glove for riding in freezing temperatures, you will find  it here. Short and long finger gloves are available for racers and long distance riders alike, across all diciplines. But we also help to keep your feet warm and dry. Cycling in cold, wet conditions isn’t the most pleasant experience, but it is sometimes hard to avoid. Use GripGrab shoe covers for racing and training as well as warm winter cycling socks to make your ride comfortable and fun again. With our wind- and rainproof shoe covers and windproof cycling socks rain and cold won’t intimidate you anymore. Sometimes it’s hard to find a hat that fits under your cycling helmet as most of them are too big and thick. Headwear from GripGrab is the solution to that problem. Our caps and hats fit perfectly under your helmet so that you don’t have to compromise safety or comfort. Windproof, warm and tight fitting, exactly the features you need from a headwarmer for warm riding through any conditions.

We have a heart for runners as well! You need a running glove that is both breathable and lightweight? No problem! And even for running in winter we have a selection of appropriate gloves for you. For running and cycling alike it is important to protect your neck when it is cold and windy outside. Check our Balaclava and Headglove scarfs to prevent a sore throat and a potential cold. Changing weather conditions are conquered with our range of warmers. Arm, knee and leg warmers allow you to adapt to changing weather in a matter of seconds. We put special emphasis on a comfortable fit and a system to keep them in place to prevent slipping. A new range of products are our Hi-Vis gloves, hats and shoe covers that glow in the dark when hit by light. Our range of fluorescent running and cycling products increase your visibility and therefore safety in traffic. Convince yourself of our Hi-Vis products and stay safe out on your runs and rides.

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