Nordic 2 Windproof Deep Winter Lobster Gloves


Face winter knowing your hands will be warm. These gloves are a cyclist’s ultimate companion on dry days in winter conditions.

The Nordic 2 are the next generation of lobster-style, deep winter gloves with a new optimised finger split, where the thumb and forefinger are separated to give a 1+1+3 finger separation: allowing for easier braking and shifting on both road and MTB brake and gear levers.

To help you get the most out of the Nordic 2 we have collected all the inside knowledge and experience from our test riders and R&D team on this page.

Rider's Guide

  • The Nordic 2 gloves should have a snug fit to optimise their insulating properties
  • Preferences differ, but for most riders these gloves are perfect for sub-zero conditions between -5 and 5°C
  • The Nordic 2 gloves have a water-repellent treatment to cope with light drizzle, but for heavy rain look to our waterproof gloves instead
  • When removing these gloves pinch the fingertips of the gloves as you wriggle out your fingers. This will avoid the soft inner lining from separating from the windproof outer
  • For even more insulation in the coldest weather conditions, you could combine these gloves with a pair of liner gloves – but you will need to size up when purchasing your Nordic winter gloves
  • The lining of these gloves has an anti-bacterial treatment that helps to reduce the build up of odour-causing bacteria; potentially reducing how often you need to wash them.
  • If your gloves are not too dirty, consider spot cleaning them with a sponge to avoid giving them and the environment a hard time by using your washing machine
  • The Durable Water Repellent treatment (eco-friendly DWR finish) will last for approximately 20 machine washes, but you can easily reapply it with wash-in or spray-on solutions

...and remember – you are wearing high quality cycling essentials from GripGrab that are built to last. Take care of them and they will take care of you for many years to come - enjoy your ride!

• Machine wash 30°C
• Do not bleach
• Do not iron
• Do not tumble dry
• Do not wring

70% Polyester, 20% Polyamide, 5% Polyurethane, 5% Elastane.

These gloves are made from 80% recycled material.

The Nordic 2 Windproof Deep Winter Lobster Gloves are made from 80% recycled material. An anti-bacterial and anti-odour treatment reduces the number of times the gloves need to be washed. The insulation for these gloves is Primaloft™ Gold (100% recycled) in the palm and Primaloft Gold Active+ (55% recycled) on the back.

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When we designed the Nordic 2, we wanted to create a pair of gloves that would be the ultimate deep winter companion; gloves to keep you comfortable even in sub-zero temperatures. The result is based on our previous best-selling Nordic lobster gloves, but with some notable evolutions.

With the Nordic 2 we have created a new optimised finger split, where the thumb and forefinger are separated to give a 1+1+3 finger separation: allowing for easier braking and shifting on both road and MTB brake and gear levers. There is also a new hook-and-loop closure cuff that is more secure than the previous drawstring closure, which better seals in your body heat.

The Nordic 2 gloves have a three-layer design: with a windproof outer fabric, a layer of Primaloft® insulation, then a soft fleece inner lining fabric that is supremely comfortable against your skin. The gloves use Primaloft® Gold – a very low bulk insulation in the palm (100% recycled material), then Primaloft® Gold Active+ (55% recycled) on the back side. This insulation is best-in-class for the ultimate protection against cold weather conditions.

The exceptional breathability and moisture wicking performance of both fabric layers makes these gloves highly versatile, while the silicone gripper print has been designed to enhance your control on the handlebars and levers.

Designed in Denmark for Scandinavian winters, we have tested the Nordic lobster gloves to the extreme and trust they will offer you the deep winter comfort you need.

Kristian Krøyer
GripGrab Founder & Chief Product Officer

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