AquaShield Waterproof Cycling Cap



Made from a fully waterproof material, with taped seams, this cap is impressively waterproof and highly breathable – so it’s highly versatile for a range of temperatures in both summer and winter downpours. Even better, it folds down so small you won’t even notice it in a jersey pocket.

The AquaShield Waterproof Cycling Cap has reflective detailing on the brim and a reflective logo on the right-side to help improve your road presence in low light conditions.

To help you get the most out of the AquaShield Waterproof Cycling Cap we have collected all the inside knowledge and experience from our test riders and R&D team on this page.

Rider's Guide

  • The GripGrab AquaShield Waterproof Cycling Cap is a lightweight all-season shield for your head; it will keep out the wind and rain and is perfect to wear underneath your cycling helmet
  • The waterproof fabric that composes this cap will not absorb sweat and moisture like a traditional cotton cycling cap, so it is very fast drying. When you have finished your ride simply take it off and give it a rinse, then hang it up to dry; avoiding putting the cap in your washing machine will extend its lifespan and be kinder on the environment

...and remember – you are wearing high quality cycling essentials from GripGrab that are built to last. Take care of them and they will take care of you for many years to come - enjoy your ride!


The GripGrab AquaShield Waterproof Cycling Cap is ideal for endurance riders, performance enthusiasts and all-weather commuters looking for a lightweight all-season protective cap.

Made from a fully waterproof material, with taped seams, this cap boasts an impressive 15K waterproof rating and 40K breathability rating – making it highly versatile for a multitude of temperatures in both summer and winter downpours.

The lightweight low bulk construction has been optimised to fit underneath a cycling helmet, and the non-absorbent waterproof material means the cap will not take on water like a traditional cotton cycling cap; making it ideal for lightweight adventures and stashing in your jersey pocket when you no longer need the shield from the weather.

A particular development that we are proud of with the AquaShield Waterproof Cap is the wide mesh headband that helps to wick away sweat and stop moisture dripping down your brow and affecting your vision.

Keep a dry head and a clear vision even on the wettest days.

Kristian Krøyer
GripGrab Founder & Chief Product Officer

• Handwash
• Do not bleach
• Do not iron
• Do not tumble dry
• Do not wring

100% Polyamide

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