Maybe head out at dawn, return at dusk?

A yearly tradition for many – to go for the longest ride, on the longest day. Go alone for an almost spiritual experience or with your riding buddies to share that experience. Go for your local roads or plan an all-day adventure.

Many riders experience tingling or numb hands when spending a long time on the bike, caused by nerve compression. Others experience overheating in warm conditions or feel numb in their bottoms after a few hours in the saddle. If you experience any of that, we can help you.

"Long rides need to be comfortable to be enjoyable"



Tingling and numb hands can kill the joy of an all-day ride. That’s why we have designed the ProGel gloves to reduce the feeling of pins and needles in the fingers that can result from the compression of nerves, making them the perfect glove for your longest ride.

The ProGels are constructed from lightweight high-performance materials; they offer maximum freedom of movement, along with an excellent fit, and are one of the most comfortable pairs of summer cycling gloves available.

  • DoctorGel® Padding 4mm
  • Sweat wiper
  • Pull-off tabs
  • Reflective details
  • gMagnets - to keep gloves paired during storage
  • Available in Hi-Vis



Most of your weight on the bike goes through the saddle. It’s a touchpoint that you can’t take it easy on. Having the right combination of saddle and bibs can make or break your day.

Our Endurance Bibs are paired with the ENDURANCE 3D chamois from Elastic Interface, which provides exceptional comfort on long rides, while the high-performance form-fitting Power Lycra® fabric allows your legs to breathe and perform, whatever the weather conditions.

The chamois is developed on feedback from the Great Britain Cycling Team as well as experienced amateurs, to make sure you get the best cycling experience possible.

  • Race Fit – Compression fabrics offer a race level form-fitting profile
  • Ultimate Comfort – ENDURANCE 3D chamois seat pad from Elastic Interface
  • Supportive Bib Straps – Wide elastic bibs create a comfortable fit
  • Silicone Leg Grippers – Keep shorts in place even on the hardest efforts
  • Subtle Branding and Style – Match with all your favourite jerseys



If you plan your longest ride to be carried out in hot and humid conditions, overheating is something you have to take into account. We all know that feeling of our feet burning inside our cycling shoes when going hard on the climbs. No one wants that.

The Lightweight SL Sock is in a high-wicking and soft Coolmax® yarn that is ideal for cycling in hot and humid conditions. It’s designed with open mesh zones to secure high breathability and features a seamless toe closure for ultimate comfort.

  • Lightweight Coolmax® mesh
  • Open mesh zones for breathability
  • Stretch arch support
  • Ideal for cycling in hot and humid conditions



Staying dry on your all-day ride is key to staying comfortable. Of course, you can get wet from rain and water from the outside, but even on dry, sunny days sweating can make you just as wet as the rain.

A base layer can transport perspiration away from your body and allow it to evaporate. This aids comfort by keeping you dry and by delivering a cooling effect on warmer rides. We recommend the Ultralight Mesh Base Layer for warm summer rides – even above 30°C.
With minimal bulk and minimal seams, but maximum breathability – this is the base of great comfort and performance when you are working hard in the summer heat.

The classic design is bold yet stylish and will complement any cycling outfit. This is a classic ’casquette’. 

  • Next to skin fit
  • Moisture wicking
  • Breathable
  • Super Lightweight
  • Ideal for warm conditions



Not a fan of short-fingered gloves, but still want the comfort of the DoctorGel padding? Then the Shark Padded Full Finger Glove could be an option for you. If your longest ride will be off-road, we recommend a long-fingered glove for added protection and grip on the brake levers.

The close-fitting lightweight mesh back allows your hands to breathe, while the DoctorGel® padded suede palm provides exceptional grip, comfort and control. The ultimate glove for those dry and dusty trails.



Whether your all-day ride will bring you sun, rain, mud or wind, the Classic Cycling Cap will shield your head from the elements. It fits neatly underneath your helmet and the brim can be flipped up or down, depending on your liking.
The classic design is bold yet stylish and will complement any cycling outfit. This is a classic casquette.

  • Fits under helmet
  • Breathable
  • Classic cotton cycling cap
14.95 €

Have a great ride!