Local Heroes: Passion and dedication

GripGrab supports those with a true passion for running or cycling. They might be champions, but they might as well be volunteer coaches, those with a niche sport, or those doing their sport against all odds. These great people are our Local Heroes. We support the Local Heroes because we believe that their passion deserves support and because they inspire others to ride their bike more, run more, or be more active in general.


Behind every athlete is a story of passion, struggles, pain, sacrifice, willpower, happiness, joy and all the things that drive a dedicated athlete. GripGrab Local Heroes share their stories and inspire others to get out and enjoy their sport. Meet three great examples of Local Heroes with very different backgrounds.

Apply to be a Local Hero

If you believe that you are our new Local Hero, then please have a look at this PDF: Do you have what it takes to be a GripGrab Local Hero? 

If you believe that you can help us inspire others via your own social media activities, your character and your network, then please apply for a sponsorship via this form. 

In order to plan our activities, we decide whom to support in August each year. All applications are reviewed, and answers are sent out to all applicants during the following month. Accordingly, you can expect to hear from us in September 2020 regarding support. So we ask for a bit of patience, but in return, you can be sure that we consider your request very carefully.

Danny Sorensen

Downhill rider and pump-track builder. Youngsters in the neighbourhood enjoy the pump-track that Danny has built in his backyard and a small community of pump track lovers have literally grown out of Danny's backyard. Read Danny's story on our blog

Elisabeth Kellerer a.k.a. Lizke

Triathlete, mountainlover, and photographer capturing amazing moments from her training in the beautiful nature. Follow her on Instagram and you will get inspired.

David Pedersen

From couch potato to endurance runner. Read David's amazing story about a change of lifestyle on our blog 

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