InsideGrip dramatically improves the grip of gloves

InsideGrip is a new innovativeand award-winning solution to increasegrip in cycling gloves.InsideGrip features silicon gripsinside the glove that improve frictionbetween glove and palm, making the glove work likea second skin. It dramatically improves the gripto the handlebars.The fingertips incorporate the same approach and ensuregrip to the brake levers and gear shifters.By rethinking grip, we have created a cycling glove conceptwith an unprecedented grip.

“Since the majority of mountain bikers already have nonslip grips on their bars which work well with gloves, the real challenge was to ensure the same high level of grip and connectivity between the rider’s hand and the glove. This is where the GripGrab InsideGrip prevails.”, GripGrab Director of R&D, Kristian Kroyer


The InsideGrip innovation represents a novel invention that dramatically improves the grip of gloves and has the potential to set new industry standards for the approach to creating grip as well as the overall degree of grip you can achieve in a glove. The juries of two of the most important industry awards agreed: InsideGrip received a EUROBIKE Award in 2016 and an ISPO Gold Award in 2017.

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