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Dealing with GripGrab is dealing with us. We are three brothers: Martin, Kristian and Bjørn Krøyer. We have built GripGrab from the ground up. We are in it for the long run. We pride ourselves on forming long lasting relationships with our customers - many of whom we know personally.
The ease of working with our team, our excellent concept and top quality products are probable reasons that GripGrab is the preferred supplier of accessories by many of our customers whether small or large; online or off-line. If you are a retailer and would like to work with us, please get in touch.

The GripGrab Concept

Our concept makes it attractive, easy and profitable for all types of retailers to sell GripGrab accessories. The main advantages that our concept offer regardless of retailer segment are:
  • Excellent range of top quality products
  • No need for pre-ordering
  • High deliverability
  • Low stock binding
  • No-nonsense product warranty
  • Easy ordering and fast and effective service
This means less money tied up in stock and increased consistency of supply throughout the season.

Top Quality Products

GripGrab is one of the highest quality brands in the sports apparel industry. It is a bold claim, but it is based on testimonials from some of the largest retailers in Europe. It is reflected in two important metrics in our customers sales of GripGrab products:
  • Low Return Rate: Testimonials from some of the largest online retailers in Europe indicate that the return rate on GripGrab products is among the lowest compared to all cycling apparel brands
  • Happy Consumers: The average rating of GripGrab products is higher than 4 out of 5 on most online shops

IT & Service Driven

Our b2b system is the gateway to everything relating to GripGrab. It makes it fast and easy to place orders and allows instant access to all sales documents and order history. Claims handling is taken care of in an instant and is as easy as it gets.

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