Flandrien Waterproof Knitted Road Shoe Covers

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  • The GripGrab Flandrien Waterproof Knitted Road Shoe Covers were inspired by the classic “Belgian Bootie” – used by Flandrien riders for decades.

    These shoe covers are only suitable for road cycling shoes. Although they might fit over your gravel or MTB shoes, the tread pattern and enhanced studs on the soles of non-road shoes will likely and quickly cause fabric damage, regardless of whether you walk around in them or not, and void the product's warranty.

    If your winter riding looks set to take you off the beaten track, check out our range of off-road shoe covers here: GripGrab off-road shoe covers

    When taking to the road this autumn and winter, the GripGrab Flandrien Waterproof Knitted Road Shoe Covers are your best choice.

    This modern take on the knitted cover sock keeps all the attributes of its historic predecessor: the soft fabric, stretch, and close-fitting cut; but propels it into the modern age through water-resistant membrane technology.

    These shoe covers will shrug off showers, keep your feet dry, and let you glide through puddles without concern. They are luxuriously soft and comfortable, but also feature reinforcement to the hems on the underside of the shoe cover to reduce wear.

    The Flandrien Knitted Road Shoe Covers are minimalist in style and subtly branded; yet they deliver the height of modern technology. They will keep you comfortable in all weather, while preserving that true Classics style.

    Will they keep my feet dry? The membrane in these shoe covers is waterproof, so assuming you don’t drag them over cobbles and put holes in them, then they will keep your feet dry. There are limits however… hosepipes and knee-deep puddles for example, will likely find a way inside.


    GripGrab Pro Tip:

    To help reduce water seeping in through the top of this shoe cover we recommend you wear your water-resistant leg warmers or cycling bib tights over the top of the shoe cover cuff. We also recommend you seal vents and holes in the soles of your shoes to limit water ingress from below. Following these tips will ensure you get the best performance from this product – and remember: road shoes only.