Bidon 800ml Drinking Bottle Large
Bidon 800ml Drinking Bottle Large
Bidon 800ml Drinking Bottle Large
Bidon 800ml Drinking Bottle Large
Bidon 800ml Drinking Bottle Large
Bidon 800ml Drinking Bottle Large

Bidon 800ml Drinking Bottle Large

Make sure you are drinking enough with this 800ml bidon
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The humble bidon drinks bottle is an unsung hero of every bike ride. Like a domestique that does not get enough praise, this water bottle is there from the hottest days of summer to the cold days of winter, playing its important role in your performance on the bike. The GripGrab Bidon Drinking Bottle is your squeezable hydration companion.

This sports bottle is easy to grip and squeeze thanks to the grip collar and ergonomic shape. It is simple to use on the move, meaning you stay in control and avoid dehydration when out on your bike.

The soft bite valve is easy to drink from and can be firmly pushed down into the cap to prevent leakage in transit. This means you won’t have water spilling out of the valve over your bike as you tackle any rough road surfaces or trails.

This soft plastic cycling drinks bottle fits in most metal and carbon bicycle bottle cages, therefore, is likely to be compatible with your existing set up. What’s more, the screw-top lids come in multiple colours to match your bike, kit and style.

You can choose to get a matching pair or go for two different colours to match the paint and logos of your bike.

Once your ride is done and you’re back home, it is important to keep the drinks bottle clean ahead of its next use. The wide screw-top opening allows for easy cleaning and refilling of the sports bottle. The bottle’s material is BPA Free certified. It can be put through the dishwasher on a 40°C cycle, but care should be taken not to deform the bottle by squeezing it between other objects or onto a plate rack.

You should not put hot (>40°C) liquids into this drinks bottle and it’s for drinks only: no oily liquids. Once your ride is done, be sure to empty the bottle. You should not leave liquids in the bottle (especially in direct sunlight) for a prolonged period, as this can taint the taste of the contents.

• BPA free
• EU Food Safety Compliant
• Made in Europe

Sensible advice:
• Wash it before you use it for the first time
• It is for cold drinks (<40°C) not for coffee or tea
• Don't put oil in it: it's a drinks bottle!
• Don't leave liquids in it for more than 12 hours

73% Polyethylene, 22% Polypropylene, 5% Rubber