September 05, 2019

As the evenings grow more chilled and the parks fill with the rust and golden hues of autumn, you may shiver a little as you head out for your morning commute, doubling back to put on another layer.

On this crisp morning, across Denmark; a teacher, a technician, a photographer, an engineer, a media assistant and a glass specialist are all heading to their bikes.

Employees, friends, or friends of friends, all of them are part of GripGrab’s extended family. They have a shared passion: to live the GripGrab lifestyle to the full, to continue their love of cycling into the colder months, and to inspire you to do the same.

Our riders are not simply here to wear the products and then go home – they are here to inspire us. Just like you or I, they hop on their bikes to commute to work or head out for an evening ride in the forest when they arrive home.

Name: Casper Saltoft, GripGrab family friend 
Age: 35
‘Day job’: Casper is a teacher in a Danish residential high school. He also teaches cycling skills to aspiring riders and commentates MTB world cups and world championships for Danish television. He lives in the Danish countryside with his girlfriend and child.

Cycling passions: He is into MTB, road racing and CX and competes in local races alongside his job and family life.

Casper is wearing the following products

Freedom Seamless Thermal Base Layer LS

Hurricane Windproof Midseason Glove

Racethermo Waterproof Winter Shoe Cover


Name: Jannick Pedersen, GripGrab family friend
Age: 28
‘Day job’: As a ‘glarmester’ in Danish, Jannick works with fitting glass into buildings. He lives in a small village with his girlfriend, close to the woods and the beach, and he loves to walk his dog.

Cycling passions: Jannick feels he belongs on the gravel bike, and his favourite trails are 5-10km from his home. He also loves to renovate vintage bicycles from the 1930s-1950s!

Jannick is wearing the following products


Ride Thermal Long Sleeve Base Layer

Raptor Windproof Lightweight Full Finger Glove

Classic Thermal Arm Warmers


Name: Anders Laustsen, GripGrab family friend
Age: 35
‘Day job’: Anders is a technician in a pharmaceutical company, and lives with his son, who also loves mountainbikes.

Cycling passions: Loves his local MTB trails, rooty surfaces and long uphills! He really enjoys a long road ride with city sign sprints in boiling hot weather.

Anders is wearing the following products


Primavera Merino Midseason Glove II

Multifunctional Merino Neck Warmer

Merino Bamboo Half Zip Long Sleeve Base Layer


Name: Eva Synnestvedt Hansen, GripGrab family friend
Age: 31
‘Day job’: Eva is a biotechnology engineer at a large Danish firm.

Cycling passions: Eva is a bikepacker and completed Race Across the West where she was crowned ‘Queen of the Desert’ for her speed in the desert sections. She also loyally commutes by bike to her job from Copenhagen, whether summer or winter, rain or shine.

Eva is wearing the following products

Merino Polyfibre Long Sleeve Base Layer

Ride Windproof Hi-Vis Winter Glove

Racethermo Hi-Vis Waterproof Winter Shoe Cover


Name: Martin Paldan, GripGrab photographer and Gripster editor in chief
Age: 47
‘Day job’: Martin is a photographer and works in GripGrab’s marketing department, bringing our products to life with his photographs and by editing GRIPSTER magazine.

Cycling passions: Most at home on the gravel bike, Martin loves to plan bikepacking adventures and discover Copenhagen’s best hidden spots for a scenic ride! Mostly non-competitive, Martin doesn’t have a car and uses his bike to get everywhere. Heading out into a grim, rainy morning is for him a kind of challenge – to stay warm and get the most out of being outside – no matter what the weather or season.

Martin is wearing the following products


Windproof Winter Cycling Cap

Multifunctional Thermal Fleece Neck Warmer

Ride Waterproof Hi-Vis Shoe Cover


Name: Tore Behrndt Andersen, GripGrab Marketing Assistant
Age: 21
‘Day job’: Tore works as an assistant to GripGrab’s media and marketing team, with a keen interest in video and photography work. He lives in a northern suburb of Copenhagen with his girlfriend, close to a lake where he likes to go riding.

Cycling passions: Gravel, MTB, road, CX… Tore likes them all!

Tore is wearing the following products


Nordic Windproof Deep Winter Lobster Glove

Expert Seamless Thermal Base Layer LS

Merino Winter Sock

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