March 19, 2020


Knitted gloves have for many years had a place in cycling. In the 1960s Fausto Coppi and Eddy Merckx achieved maximum style-points by wearing Crochet gloves, a knitted glove with leather palm. Replicas can still be seen at classic races such as L’Eroica and on any Rouleur worth his salt. 

When we set out to create a new, modern version of a knitted glove our primary question was; How can we create a glove, which embraces the classic vintage style and look of knitted gloves, while lifting the technical properties, fitting and function to fit our modern standards as glove specialists? The result is FREEDOM KNITTED GLOVES. 

With Freedom Knitted Gloves we created a pair of classic styled, modern knitted cycling mitts, with technical properties, excellent fit and which are highly robust and breathable. Knitted gloves for riding fast on the road or gravel with a safe grip.

In the making of this glove, we looked towards the technology used in high-performance abrasion-resistant work gloves. Work gloves, in general, are designed to hold up to a lot of tough friction and to resist tearing. Freedom Knitted Gloves are machine-knitted and woven with high-performance polyethylene fibers (HPPE). By combining a high content of HPPE with Lycra, we have created a super flexible glove with high abrasion resistance and very high resistance to tearing.



To achieve a safe and stable grip on the handlebars we incorporated our award-winning GripGrab InsideGrip ™ technology into Freedom Knitted Gloves. The grip itself consists of small silicone textures inside the palm. These textures ensure you have control over your handlebars, while the space between the silicone enables your hands to breathe during high tempo workouts. 


Freedom Knitted Gloves are modern, fashionable gloves created to match current cycling fashion trends, while upholding the same superior technical qualities you will find in all GripGrab products.  Gloves that are comfortable, breathable and yet impressively robust and durable. Gloves which provide a secure grip, and on any given day also makes you look good. 

Even if you’re just popping out for a Rouleur coffee-ride or a quick, easy spin around town with Eddy. 


Freedom Knitted Gloves are available in five stylish colourways, with minimal branding, to match your favourite cycling apparel. 



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