February 04, 2019

On the start line Sanne Cant (BE) — one of the big favourites, and current World Champion, makes a last minute change of gloves; a cold Danish drizzle has begun, and she gets out her Insulators for added warmth. A cycling cap underneath her helmet provides some added warmth, too. The details complete. The race is on.

The course for the UCI Cyclocross World Championships 2019 in Bogense, Denmark is tough. The off-camber sections will be a decisive challenge; where the correct choice of line is crucial—going low is heading for trouble.

Elsewhere on the circuit, the brutally steep banking and gradients play into the hands of the powerful riders. 

This will be a spectacle to watch. 

Sanne Cant finds herself in a group of hardcore Dutch riders: Anne Marie Worst, Marianne Vos and Denise Betsema. It is an orange domination over her blue Belgian jersey, but only visually.

Sanne Cant rides an outstanding race — shaking off the Dutch attacks, and chasing down escapees. Lucinda Brand also works impressively hard to make junction with the front runners. 

It is a tight race, and the crowds roar with passion.

A failed dismount by Lucinda Brand sees her tumble on the grass; Sanne Cant takes the lead; charges on, and creates a gap. She goes onto take her third consecutive World Champs jersey.

Over two days, more than 5000 kilos of French fries were consumed in Bogense.

The little village on the north-west coast of Funen, was invaded by 20,000 cyclocross fans — cheering for their favourite riders.

While CX is huge in Belgium, and Eli Iserbyt (BE) took the lead early in the race, the U23 Men´s race was dominated by British phenomenon Tom Pidcock, who chased down Iserbyt and created a gap from lap 4(/8) and won the title 15 sec. ahead of Iserbyt.

A Marianne Vos fan dressed completely in orange claims that the World Championships are always different from the world cups. The riders have their individual timings of their peak period, and the mentality is different, he says. His wife next to him, is wearing traditional Dutch wooden clogs on her hands, and is ready to make noise.

The Men's Elite race is next. The sun is out, and the church up on the hill overlooking the venue is empty on this Sunday — the congregation is having fritjes and beer course-side!

The Marianne Vos fan is wrong. Mathieu van der Poel (NL) is untouchable. Like he has been throughout the world cups.

Witnessed by the Crown Prince of Denmark himself, this Dutch rider demonstrates his power and technical skills in a faultless performance.

The 'Rainbow Champion' is crowned.

We proudly present the lineup of gloves worn by Tom Pidcock, Mathieu van der Poel and Sanne Cant, in the World Championships.

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