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The onset of winter can strike fear into some cyclists — it is that time of year when you can suffer from numb fingers, and a loss of comfort and even enjoyment when riding. That doesn't have to be the case. This winter cycling gloves guide takes a look at the best winter gloves to keep you comfortable.

Winter cycling gloves come in a variety of models and variations; each developed with a specific focus in mind: from maximum insulation, to maximum control when racing in winter.

You may think that one pair of winter cycling gloves will suit all conditions, but that isn't really true; in order to maximise your comfort and enjoyment in all weather, you need to consider the best kind of winter cycling glove for you.


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Early Winter Cycling Gloves

When the temperature begins to tumble, and the first winter storms begin to blow, then it is time to bring out the 'Early Winter Cycling Gloves'. These gloves provide a moderate amount of insulation for your hands, and some feature windproof fabrics. Some models also feature gel padding in the palms to provide comfort on those rough roads and longer miles; yet, they do not have the bulk or loss of dexterity found in some real deep winter gloves.

Merino Primavera Midseason Glove II

Blends wool and Lycra to provide superb insulation, and an excellent fit. InsideGrip™ technology and a silicone palm print delivers outstanding grip on the handlebars, while the soft and naturally insulating merino wool gives this knitted glove a luxurious feeling of warmth and comfort. 

Hurricane Windproof Midseason Cycling Glove

Is a water-resistant, breathable, and lightweight insulation full finger cycling glove. With DoctorGel® padded palms and neoprene slip-on cuffs, it helps to cushion your hands and seal out the elements.


Windster Windproof Winter Glove

Is a more insulating option than the Hurricane or Primavera; with mid-weight insulation and a water-resistant windproof outer fabric. These gloves provide warmth, comfort, and protection from the winter chill.

For value options within the 'Early Winter Range', consider the GripGrab Ride Windproof Midseason Glove, which shares many properties of the Hurricane; as well as the GripGrab Ride Windproof Winter Glove, which shares many characteristics of the Windster.


Deep Winter Cycling Gloves

When the temperature falls below five degrees Celsius, and the snow clouds are paused ominously in the sky; then it is time to reach for the
'Deep Winter Cycling Gloves'.

These gloves are designed to provide you with the maximum level of insulation for your hands, as well as protection from the wet conditions often found in the darkest winter months. They feature padded palms and deep-fill insulation, designed to provide the maximum comfort for your hands.


Optimus Waterproof Winter Gloves

Are made for cycling on the coldest winter days. The OutDry® fabric provides a superb waterproof barrier against rain, wind and snow, whilst the deep winter hollow-fibre construction insulates your fingers from the sub-zero. Long cuffs provide a complete seal with your winter jacket, and silicone grippers on the gel padded palms help to provide you with a firm grip, even in icy conditions. These are the ultimate winter cycling gloves. 

Nordic Windproof Deep Winter Lobster Glove

Are designed to keep your hands comfortable in extremely cold winter conditions. The highly insulating glove features windproof and water-resistant fabrics to shield you from the elements. The three-finger lobster glove design helps to retain dexterity even when cycling in sub-zero temperatures; providing you with optimal grip and control.

Ride Waterproof Winter Glove

For a value option in the 'Deep Winter Cycling Gloves' category, consider our Ride Waterproof Winter Glove - they feature many of the same characteristics as the Optimus, but at a lower price point.


Wet Weather Cycling Gloves

 GripGrab Cloudburst Waterproof Midseason Cycling Gloves

If the weather is not so cold that you need 'Deep Winter Cycling Gloves', but it is wet enough that you want some sort of waterproof protection, then consider a mid-weight insulation waterproof cycling glove. These gloves are similar to the 'Early Winter Cycling Gloves' in terms of the insulation they provide, but they also feature fabrics that seal out the water.



Cloudburst Waterproof Midseason Glove

re designed for wet weather cycling. The OutDry® technology provides a waterproof outer shield for your hands, while a mid-level of insulation makes them perfect for cool transition seasons.


Neoprene Rainy Weather Glove

Are designed to be worn in the wettest riding conditions. Neoprene gloves give great warmth and insulation even when wet, which makes these the best option for hours riding in the rain.

Combine them with:


Merino Liner

The Merino Liner is a thin, insulating merino glove liner with a perfect fit and touch screen fingertips. To be used inside another glove for additional insulation.




Winter Racing Cycling Gloves

GripGrab Raptor Gloves

If your focus in the winter months is on the pursuit of podium places on the cyclocross course, then the kind of winter cycling glove that you are looking for is very different from the majority of riders. Rather than a heavily insulated glove, you are looking for something that will provide just the right amount of insulation to keep your hands comfortable and temperate when you are working hard in a one-hour race. You can likely do without waterproofing or padding, as you want maximum feel from your handlebars, and the best possible grip.



Raptor Windproof Lightweight Full Finger Glove

Has windproof and water-resistant backing materials that help to shield your hands from the mud and spray, whilst the breathable fabric allows your hands to stay dry even when you are working up a sweat. InsideGrip™ technology and silicone palm grippers enhance your hold on the handlebars to give you the confidence you need to perform at your best.

Whether your winter riding is about long miles on cold crisp winter days, or short fast outings on the cyclocross course or in the wet winter weather; this guide should help steer you towards the best winter cycling glove for your ambitions and riding style.
It is also worth remembering that within the GripGrab range there are High Visibility versions of many of the winter cycling gloves mentioned above.







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