What To Wear - Transition Season Cycling Accessories

February 04, 2019

What To Wear - Transition Season Cycling Accessories

The seasons of spring and fall / autumn are notoriously changeable: one moment it will be warm and sunny, the next it will be stormy and wet. Choosing the right cycle clothing accessories for these seasons is therefore a challenge; but the correct choice will provide adaptability to your outfit, and comfort in all weather conditions.

In this guide, we consider the cycle clothing accessories that are perfect for the transition seasons…


Leg Warmers, Knee Warmers and Arm Warmers

Leg warmers, knee warmers, and arm warmers are all great products for the transition seasons. They can turn your summer jersey and shorts into a long sleeve top or bottoms. The added warmth will not only keep the wind and chill off your arms and legs, but it will help to encourage the flow of warm blood from your core out to your extremities - helping to keep your hands and feet warmer.

The GripGrab range of warmers is extensive, and it is best described in our Warmers Buying Guide. The complete range goes from the Light range, which is designed for a little extra insulation and comfort; all the way through to the Classic Thermal Warmers; and the AquaRepel Water-Resistant Warmers to provide maximum protection from the elements.

Warmers will help to shield your limbs and vulnerable knee joints from the cold and wet; giving you added comfort, and a better performance.


Cycling Cap

Your head is a vulnerable area for heat loss in the cooler conditions of autumn and spring.

Wearing a cotton cycling cap like the GripGrab Cycling Cap will shield your head from wind-chill. If the conditions are noticeably cooler, then consider a GripGrab Thermal Skull Cap.


Neck Warmer

To help keep the chill off your neck and chest when you first set out on a cool autumn morning, wear a neck warmer.

The GripGrab range of neck warmers provides a diverse and colourful collection of this versatile cycling accessory. A neck tube will help to provide a great bit of added insulation and protection; yet it can be easily removed, rolled up, and stored in a jersey pocket.


Light Insulation Full Finger Cycling Gloves

Full-finger cycling gloves are advisable in the transition seasons; they will ensure that your hands keep dexterity, despite the cooler weather. Whether you are road cycling, commuting, or mountain biking, there is a light insulation transition season glove that will suit you in the GripGrab range.

For road cyclists, the GripGrab Hurricane Glove is the ideal light insulation glove to protect against wind chill, and it also comes in a HiVis version. For the mountain biker or cyclocross rider, the GripGrab Raptor Glove is a durable and wind-proof glove that retains maximum feel and dexterity in the fingers. For the commuter or recreational cyclist, consider the GripGrab Ride Windproof Glove; with a shorter cuff and a lightweight windproof material.


Light Insulation Shoe Covers and Spring/Fall Socks

For spring and autumn, look for lighter weight overshoes or shoe covers. The GripGrab range includes the Ride Waterproof Shoe Cover, Primavera Cover Sock, and RaceAqua Shoe Covers; all of which are perfect for this time of year.

The GripGrab Primavera Cover Sock is a simple insulating sock, which protects your feet from wind chill, and provides added insulation; it is also available in a HiVis version. The GripGrab RaceAqua Shoe Cover is a performance product, with a waterproof fabric helping to shield your shoes and feet from inevitable road spray; there is also the GripGrab RaceAqua X model that has an open sole design for mountain bike shoes. Then there is the GripGrab Ride Waterproof Shoe Cover, which provides a mix of insulation and water-resistant protection; ideal for cool conditions in the early spring and late autumn.

Pair your transition season overshoes with a set of GripGrab Spring-Fall Socks; they contain Thermolite fabrics to provide added insulation, and adaptability to different temperature conditions.


Long Sleeve Base Layers

The GripGrab Freedom Long Sleeve Base Layer is the perfect under garment for transition season cycling.

Made from a lightweight yet insulating material, and with full length sleeves; it will provide the sought-after balance between insulation and breathability demanded in these changeable conditions.


Get Out And Ride...

Hopefully this range of products will keep you more comfortable in the changing conditions of the transition seasons.

There is no such thing as bad weather; you just need to make the right kit choices — Ride in comfort in these beautiful colourful seasons.

View the full GripGrab Cycle Clothing Accessories range here

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