Summer Cycling Gloves Buying Guide

May 23, 2018

Summer Cycling Gloves Buying Guide

The reasons for wearing summer cycling gloves (mitts) are numerous: from protection, to improved grip, and greater comfort. The extensive range of short finger cycling gloves can make it difficult to choose the right pair for you though. In this guide, we look at the different features and designs of the GripGrab summer gloves range.

To make things simple, we've split the range into five subcategories, to show you what sets one pair of short finger gloves apart from the rest.



Comfort / Endurance Summer Cycling Gloves

Comfort / Endurance Summer Cycling Mitts

The primary reason that most cyclists wear gloves in the summer is to increase comfort; through a combination of improved grip, and additional padding on the palm of the gloves to reduce the chance of numbness in the hands on long rides.

The GripGrab Comfort / Endurance range of summer cycling gloves features the ProGel and SuperGel models, which as the names suggest both feature our specialist DoctorGel Padding.


The SuperGel Model is the range-topping model, with a supple suede palm; mesh back panel; and 6mm of DoctorGel padding on the palm. These gloves provide unmatched levels of comfort for long distance riding, and will significantly reduce numbness caused by road vibrations.

GripGrab SuperGel


The ProGel Summer Cycling Gloves are similar in design to the SuperGel, but feature a slightly reduced 4mm of DoctorGel padding; ideal for those that want protection, but a little less bulk between bar and palm.


GripGrab ProGel


The ProGel model also comes in a HiVis version, with added reflectivity and a fluorescent yellow colour scheme. This is perfect for commuting and will make your hand signals significantly more visible to traffic.

GripGrab ProGel Hi-Vis


Both the ProGel and SuperGel summer gloves feature GripGrab's innovative G-Magnets, to keep the pair together when not in use. They also both use a secure Velcro cuff tab, to create the perfect closure on your wrist.



Race Summer Cycling Gloves

Racing with the GripGrab Roadster

The summer gloves that you choose for racing are likely to have a slightly different focus, with the emphasis on lightweight, aerodynamics, and maximum 'feel' for how your bike is responding. In this category, we have the Race Aero TT Gloves, the World Cup gloves, and the Roadster Summer Gloves.


The Race Aero TT Gloves are the most technical of all our models; designed in collaboration with some of the world's top male and female race teams, they are super slim fitting, and designed for speed. The long cuff helps to smooth airflow around your wrists, and the padding in the palms is specifically placed to provide comfort when on the aero-bars of a time-trial bike. Ride FAST.

GripGrab Aero TT Cycling Glove


The Roadster gloves are more focused towards the road cyclist rather than time trialist, but feature a similar lightweight design. The pull-on cuffs are lower bulk than a Velcro cuff closure, and just 2mm of DoctorGel padding provides maximum feedback from the bars, and maximum power transfer when sprinting. For hot and short road races these are the perfect summer cycling gloves.

GripGrab Roadster Cycling Gloves


For longer road races, and endurance cycling events, we recommend the World Cup gloves. These short finger cycling gloves are the pinnacle of quality, and provide unmatched style, comfort, and class. With 4mm of DoctorGel padding, they will let you ride far in great comfort, whilst the pull-on cuff provides a low-bulk connection with your wrist. Incredible comfort, beautifully designed.

GripGrab WorldCup Cycling Glove


Whether you are racing for a 1-hour time-trial, or a 6-hour Spring Classic, we have the summer racing glove that is perfect for you.



Top Value Summer Cycling Gloves

We realise that we need to consider all price points within the market, and that whilst the likes of the World Cup gloves and SuperGel gloves provide phenomenal comfort and performance; their price isn't reachable by all. To accommodate this, we have the Easy Rider, Ride, and Rouleur gloves - three fantastic value offerings that provide great performance, but at a lower price point.


The Easy Rider summer gloves are similar to the ProGel gloves, as they feature the same super comfortable 4mm of DoctorGel padding. Unlike the ProGel though, they have just a simple slip-on cuff, and no G-Magnets; this helps to reduce the cost of production.

GripGrab EasyRider


The Rouleur is an all-rounder glove that is suitable for beginner cyclists taking on shorter rides. It features a Velcro closure like those found on the SuperGel and ProGel gloves, but rather than DoctorGel padding it uses a simple foam pad on the palm, to help to keep costs down.

GripGrab Rouleur


The GripGrab Ride gloves is a starter glove, and features a slip-on cuff, with foam padding in the palms. It is a 'no-frills' design, but still provides good comfort and added grip and protection.

GripGrab Ride



Women's Specific Summer Cycling Gloves

GripGrab Women's ProGel

We realize that women's hands are not the same as men's; they are smaller, slighter, and less bulky around the palms. That is why we have designed three of our gloves specifically for women.


The Women's ProGel and Women's Rouleur Gloves are female-specific versions of the male models, with a fit specific to the female hand. They also come in great female-orientated colour schemes.

GripGrab Women's ProGel
GripGrab Women's Rouleur


The Women's Solara gloves are a super lightweight and breathable set of gloves, for the perfect balance between control and comfort. They offer maximum freedom of movement along with excellent grip, and their unique design means that you can still tan through the back panel of the glove!

GripGRab Women's Solara Glove



Children's Summer Cycling Gloves

Finally, don't forget the kids! The X-Trainer Junior is a simple cycling glove that is made for smaller hands. Providing super protection, and added comfort, it is ideal for biking, skateboarding, and any other activity that is tough on the hands of little ones.

GripGrab X-Trainer Junior



We hope our guide has provided you with an insight into all the summer cycling gloves within the GripGrab range, and that it will mean you can clearly identify which glove is best for you. Whatever your choice this summer, get out and ride.

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