Mountain Bike Gloves Buying Guide

October 08, 2018

Mountain Bike Gloves Buying Guide

Your grip on the handlebars is essential to stay in control of a mountain bike. Go barehanded, and your grip will be diminished by sweaty palms or rain; with a pair of dedicated mountain bike gloves you will retain optimal grip and control.

The type of gloves that you use for mountain biking will depend a lot on the type of riding you are doing, and the conditions that you are mountain biking in. In this guide, we consider a range of mountain biking gloves for all conditions.


Full Finger Summer Mountain Bike Gloves

Full fingered summer mountain biking gloves are designed to shield your hands from branches and trail debris, while also providing control on the fingertips, and cushioning on the palms.

The degree of padding, breathability, and durability of summer mountain bike gloves varies; the key when making your choice is to select the best level of each property for you. 


Racing For Racing

When low weight, exceptional grip, and high breathability are the proprieties for you, then the GripGrab Racing MTB Gloves are the perfect choice.

This glove is made for performance riding; it is ultra-lightweight, and has a truly tailored fit. The Racing also features GripGrab's InsideGrip (silicone dots located inside the glove to improve friction between your glove and your palm), so you have optimal grip and control.

The Racing glove is designed for mountain bike riding, but is often also used for road cycling, gravel cycling, and even cyclocross.

GripGrab Racing Cycling Glove

GripGrab Racing Glove


Vertical for Enduro, Downhill and XC

The GripGrab Vertical Glove is a versatile glove. It features a close-fitting and comfortable profile, with a highly durable palm, and no extra padding. It provides maximum handlebar control. 

This is the chosen glove for many cyclocross and gravel riders, amongst them the 2018 World Cup winner and European Champion, Mathieu van der Poel.

GripGrab Vertical Gloves

GripGrab Vertical


 SuperGel XC For Endurance Comfort

The GripGrab SuperGel XC is a true comfort and endurance mountain biking glove. It is the glove with the highest level of comfort thanks to its 4mm DoctorGel® padding; this helps to provide all-day protection for long rides; absorbing all the bumps and vibrations from the trail. It is the perfect glove for longer rides, endurance events, and e-mountain biking.

GripGrab SuperGel XL Cycling Glove

GripGrab SuperGel XC


Shark - Minimal Bulk - Maximum Comfort

If you like the padding of the GripGrab SuperGel XC, but prefer an even tighter fit, with a slip-in cuff instead of a Velcro closure, then you should consider the GripGrab Shark Mountain Biking Gloves. With a leather palm and breathable mesh back, this glove will provide excellent grip and all the comfort you need.

GripGrab Shark Cycling Gloves

GripGrab Shark / GripGrab Women's Shark


Full Finger Winter Mountain Bike Gloves

GripGrab Raptor Mountain Bike Glove

When the temperature drops it is important to protect your hands from the elements, as well as from the trail environment.


GripGrab Raptor - The Off-Road Cold Weather Racing Glove

The GripGrab Raptor is the perfect glove for colder conditions. The Raptor features InsideGrip technology, and a windproof and breathable upper that protects your hands, while still letting them breathe, no matter hard you are riding. This one is a great glove for cyclocross racing and road racing in colder conditions.

GripGrab Raptor Cycling Glove

GripGrab Raptor


Windster for Winter Riding

The GripGrab Windster is a solid glove for winter mountain biking in 0-10 degrees Celsius. It has the perfect combination of insulation with wind and water-resistance, to keep your hands warm and dry while still letting them breathe.

On the inside the lining is cozy and insulating, and the knitted cuff makes a great junction with your favourite winter cycling jacket. 

GripGrab Windster Cycling Gloves

GripGrab Windster / GripGrab Windster Hi-Vis 


Optimus for Deep Winter 

When it really gets cold; with rain, snow and temperatures between -5 to +5 degrees Celsius, the GripGrab Optimus Gloves are the optimal choice.

Whatever weather conditions you are facing, its fully waterproof, windproof, and highly insulating design will keep you riding strong. 

GripGrab Optimus Cycling Glove

GripGrab Optimus


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