September 08, 2018

A GripGrab CyclinGaiter is designed to stop water leaking in between your calves and the cuff of your shoe covers. It provides a closer seal that will help to keep your feet dry, even in the wettest of riding conditions. They are simple to fit – here's how...


Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Start out by turning the CyclinGaiter inside out. That will make it easier to pull on 
  2. Pull the CyclinGaiter up on the calf until the CyclinGaiter has a tight fit around the calf muscle
  3. Now put on your shoe covers, making sure that they fit tightly around the shoe and your calf. 
  4. Flip down the CyclinGaiter
  5. Manoeuvre the CyclinGaiter so the top of the shoe cover is placed approximately at the middle of the CyclinGaiter.  


A snug fit between the calf and the shoe cover is essential. Make sure you have the right size in both shoe cover and CyclinGaiter, so the fit around the calf is as tight as possible. 

The CyclinGaiter is available in different sizes relating to the circumference of the calf. If you have very slim calves you might have to pull the CyclinGaiter so far up the calf that you won't have a tight fit between the CyclinGaiter and the top of the shoe cover – this won't negatively affect the performance, because the water will still run off the outside of the shoe cover.

TIP: If you are wearing leg warmers, place these on the outside of the CyclingGaiter, so that water runs down their surface and outside the shoe cover.

View the GripGrab CyclinGaiter range here


GripGrab CyclinGaiter

GripGrab CyclinGaiter


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