Buyer's Guide: 5 Winter Cycling Essentials

December 15, 2017

GripGrab Winter Cycling Essentials

By Peter Ebro, GripGrab

Winter cycling can seem like a daunting idea! Just the thought of freezing hands and feet will stop most people long before they jump on the bike.

We agree that it’s hard to beat the joy of cruising around in the summer, but we ride in any weather and enjoy the experiences the different seasons gives us.

It's all about dressing properly to beat the winter and make it blissful!

Here we outline 5 key products to consider when meeting the winter.

For your head and neck

You can lose a lot of heat through your head and neck, so it’s important to keep them warm to stay comfortable. There are a lot of options to do this, typically by combining a beanie with a headglove.

When it’s cold you'll benefit from a thicker beanie/cap with good insulation and wind protection. Here, the Aviator Cap is your weapon of choice. The Aviator Cap is a skull-fitted, warm, windproof, and breathable piece of headwear with excellent coverage of ears and forehead.

GripGrab Winter Cycling Cap


GripGrab Winter Cycling Cap

Combine the Winter Cycling Cap with a Headglove Thermo — a headglove with added microfleece that makes it a cold weather wonder. It is warm and soft and can be worn in many ways.

GripGrab Headglove Thermo

GripGrab Headglove Thermo

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For your hands

It's important to hold on to the heated air inside your gloves to stay warm. A glove for deep winter cycling must be insulating and windproof so that wind flow won't carry away all of your heat.

The Nordic glove is a high-end winter cycling glove, exceptional in every detail. It combines performance and an exquisite lobster design secures maximum insulation secure warm and comfortable hands in sub-zero temperatures. This glove could be your best friend this winter - especially if you are easy to freeze!

GripGrab Nordic

GripGrab Nordic

If you freeze easily or if the temperatures are very low, consider combining your winter gloves with a liner glove — either the Merino Liner or the Insulator. This makes your gloves extra warm! Remember to size up the outer glove so you have room enough for the liner. If you can't move your fingers freely, they'll get cold even faster.

GripGrab Merino Liner plus glove

We have several different glove options for winter cycling. Read how to find the right glove in our glove guide: Find the Right Gloves for Winter Cycling.

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For your feet 

The same rules apply to keep your feet warm as your hands. It’s important to keep dry and to hold on to heated air. For this purpose, a pair of water- and windproof shoe covers with excellent insulation will be preferable. The Arctic shoe cover is your best option.

The Arctic is one of the warmest shoe covers available on the market and is ideal for very cold winter days. It is made from 4-mm waterproof neoprene with a hollow fiber lining and offers maximum thermal insulation.

GripGrab Arctic

GripGrab Arctic

The Arctic incorporates the EUROBIKE Award-winning technology IntelliSeal™ — an ingenious technology that greatly enhances the durability, fit, and water resistance of shoe covers. 

In order to keep the feet dry it’s important to seal the opening at the top of the shoe cover (or a winter cycling boot) so water can’t run down your legs and into the shoes. The CyclinGaiter is a suitable solution for this inherent problem. The GripGrab CyclinGaiter is a PU-coated neoprene cover that's pulled over the top of the shoe cover and sits super tightly on the leg, closing the gap between the top of the shoe cover and the leg

GripGrab CyclinGaiter

GripGrab CyclinGaiter

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For your feet 

When it comes to winter socks, it’s like the Norwegians say: “Ull er gull,” which means “wool is gold”  and they're right, wool is a wonderful material for winter cycling!

The Merino Winter Sock is a high-performance sock with merino wool to keep your feet warm and dry. It features stretch arch support for a superb fit and extra-padded sole insulation for maximum comfort. It’s reinforced in the heel and toe for added durability.

GripGrab Merino Winter Sock

GripGrab Merino Winter Sock

But be careful, they're so comfortable that once you put them on, you might never want to take them back off!

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For your legs

Water-repellent warmers for your legs and arms is the obvious choice for you if you don't want to invest in a winter jacket or a pair of long winter tights. Leg warmers extends the period you can use your regular bib tights (preferably water resistant and insulated). The Leg Warmers AquaRepel feature excellent water-repellent properties. The front panel has an additional windproof membrane to protect your knees and shins from the cooling effect of rain and wind. This feature makes the warmers a perfect companion in harsh riding conditions.

GripGrab Leg Warmers AquaRepel

GripGrab Leg Warmers AquaRepel

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We're all different!

We are all unique; we all react differently to cold weather so we need to dress differently. Some people use thin gloves throughout the winter while others wear insulated winter gloves as soon as the temperature gets below 10 degrees Celsius. It is therefore important that you get to know your equipment and yourself so you know exactly the right combination of clothing for you, no matter how cold it is.

With these 5 winter essentials you are ready to conquer the winter and meet the spring fitter than ever before — and with a bunch of great winter rides worth remembering!

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