January 05, 2021

By Elisabeth Kellerer

Whereas many people I know prefer running on hot summer days in split shorts, I’ve always been an absolute winter child and I love everything about winter.

Running, for example, is one of my absolute favourite things to do in winter (especially when there’s quite a lot of snow) but picking the right clothes for a winter run can be quite tricky. The easiest and most basic rule is: if you are a little cold when you step out your front door and for the first kilometer, you're dressed right. When you feel warm and comfortable standing in front of your house waiting for your GPS watch to connect, chances are you will sweat like crazy once you start running and you need to be wearing cooler clothes.

My favourite Essentials to wear



Windproof Headband

The Headband Windster is a soft, lightweight and insulating headband with a windproof front.

It offers protection for the ears and forehead while allowing excess heat to escape.

It fits perfectly under a helmet and is ideal for cycling, running and other activities in cold conditions.

The Headband Windster is made from a soft, brushed, techno-fabric, with excellent insulating properties along with a high degree of breathability. Its flat seams and soft materials secure a perfect combination of fit and comfort.

Since it's small and lightweight, it can also be easily stored in a pocket when not needed

Running Thermo Windproof Touchscreen Glove

Is a warm, windproof running glove for running in moderate to very cold weather. The windproof cover can quickly be pulled out from the pocket when needed and tucks away with ease. The Running Thermo features sweat wiper, silicone grip and is even touch screen compatible.

The Running Thermo combines an innovative design with excellent materials.

A windproof cover offers the runner a choice on-the-go between less or more protection from the wind and cold.

Ideal in sub-zero temperatures when a sudden change in terrain or weather makes the conditions more extreme.

The Running Thermo can also be used as an everyday glove for other outside activities.




Women's Insulator Midseason Glove

The Women's Insulator is a comfortable, insulating, breathable and lightweight glove that can be used either separately or inside another glove as an extra insulating layer on extremely cold days.



Multifunctional Thermal Fleece Neck Warmer

The addition of microfleece to a neck tube makes the HeadGlove Thermo a cold weather wonder.

It is warm and soft, and can be worn in many ways. You will appreciate it as an extra insulating neckerchief when cycling, running or simply being outside in very cold weather.

The neck warmer protects your neck from wind and can prevent a sore throat. Combined with a skull cap, it offers a versatile protection for your head.

Multifunctional  Fleece Neck Warmer

The Classic Socks are where it all started... simple, comfortable, and long lasting socks. The Coolmax® mesh keeps your feet cool and dry, so you can spin out the miles. The Regular Cut version is cut to just above the ankle bone, and this HiVis variety helps enhance your visibility in traffic.



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