Buyer's Guide: Find The Perfect Cycling Gloves for Winter Cycling

November 29, 2017

Buyer's Guide: Find The Perfect Cycling Gloves for Winter Cycling

There’s an old saying for cyclists that “winter miles are summer smiles.” And that’s true, but there’s no reason that a winter ride should be a miserable slog with the sole purpose of keeping you in summer shape. It’s difficult to gain winter miles when your hands are freezing, but with the right gear, there’s no reason not to enjoy the winter scenery.

Why we freeze

In order to know how to stay warm, it’s important to know why we get cold. As we lose body heat, the stagnant air around our body insulates us. When cycling, we deliver a lot of warmth to our surroundings because the warm air closest to the skin is carried into the wind as we move. This allows cold air to move in, which will draw away even more heat. In warm conditions, this is great; cyclists can easily keep a comfortable body temperature without overheating. On cold days, though, it can feel impossible to keep any heat while speeding down a road or trail. Our fingers are especially susceptible to this because of their small size in relation to the rest of our body—they have more skin than flesh, so they lose heat quickly.
Water is another killer when it comes to keeping body heat because it draws away warmth even faster than wind.

If you want to be out in wet and windy conditions, it’s essential to have a wind- and waterproof glove. If you add some insulation, you’ll be ready to get out in the wintertime.

Race comfort vs. training comfort

It’s important to differentiate between racing gear and training gear because of two factors:

  1. In a race, you’re willing to compromise comfort to have a better grip on the handlebars or be lighter and more aerodynamic.
  2. In a race, you’re making a bigger effort so you’re producing more heat than in a training situation, which means your clothes don’t need to retain as much heat. This will also apply in an interval session but not in the warm-up and cool-down periods.

When training, comfort is king. It means you can actually enjoy your training, stay motivated, and get the most out of every session.

We have gloves for all conditions

We don’t believe in one single glove that’s perfect for all conditions. That’s why we have 13 different gloves for autumn/winter riding in various conditions and in temperatures from minus 10 to plus 15 degrees. Join us for an overview of the range.

Spring / autumn   +5 to +15 degrees Celsius – calm and dry

In the transition seasons before and after the summer, when the weather is still calm and dry, it’s time for full-fingered gloves that are a bit more insulated than the summer gloves.

For this purpose, we have three options:

Spring / autumn   +5 to +15 degrees Celsius – windy & dry

When the weather gets windier you’ll appreciate a windproof glove that can keep warm air from escaping.

For this purpose, we have two options:

Spring / autumn   0 to +15 degrees Celsius - wet & windy

When the water starts pouring down from above it’s time for the wind- and waterproof/-repellent gloves with great insulating properties.

For this purpose, we have five options:

Winter   -10 to +5 degrees Celsius - wet & windy

When winter kicks in with temperatures below zero degrees, it starts to get tricky to stay warm because you’re exposed to cold, water and wind at the same time.

For this purpose, we have three options:

If you are easy to freeze or if the temperatures are very low, consider combining one of the above gloves with a liner glove — either the Merino Liner or the Insulator. This makes your gloves extra warm!

We are all very different when we dress for a winter ride. Some people use thin gloves throughout the winter while others wear insulated winter gloves as soon as the temperature gets below 10 degrees Celsius. It is therefore important that you get to know your equipment and yourself so you know exactly the right combination of clothing for you, no matter how cold it is.

If you’re still undecided, check out, where you can read more details about the gloves in our range. If you’re still in doubt, we’re always ready to help at

Remember, the weather is only a circumstance, not a parameter of going for a ride or not!

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