Buyer's Guide: How to dress for a chilly autumn morning

October 18, 2017

Buyer's Guide: How to dress for a chilly autumn morning

Riding through the forest and by the remote gravel roads in the backcountry is a bliss on a chilly autumn morning. But it can as well be a barely comfortable experience if you dress wrong and get it too cold because of the teasing autumn wind.

In this blog post, you’ll have our suggestions on how to dress for a chilly autumn morning ride based on our experience and knowledge with the GripGrab range.

Race Comfort vs. Training Comfort

In our opinion, it’s important to differentiate between Race Comfort and Training Comfort, because of two factors.

In a race, you are willing to compromise your level of comfort to the small advantages of being more aero, being lighter or to have the optimal grip on the handlebars.

In a race, you are making a bigger effort and you’re therefore producing more heat than in a training situation, why you won’t have the same need for warm clothing as in a training situation. This will also apply in an interval session, but not in the warm up and cool down periods.

Our choice of clothing for this morning’s autumn ride is based on our wish for Training Comfort.

Today’s weather

Today it was an almost perfect autumn morning in the woods north of Copenhagen

  • Dry and clear,
  • Around 12 degrees Celsius and
  • Even wind

Peter’s choice of clothing

“When I’m going for an easy morning ride before work on a day like this, I tend to dress a bit light, so I must ride myself warm. I don’t like to be too warm, I rather prefer the opposite. Today’s choice of clothing is characterized by not being super warm, but it’s giving me just the extra warmth, that I like. I believe, that I got it right.”

My two favorite products today

GripGrab Primavera Merino Gloves
“This is a new product in the GripGrab range. A product, that I’ve tested for some long gravel rides in Sweden with temperatures around 8 degrees Celsius, and for Enduro Mountain Biking in Sölden, Austria, with temperatures close to zero degrees Celsius. Today, the glove was on the warmer side for me, but I love the Merino Wools ability to adjust the warmth, so it didn’t get too warm for me. Also, because it is so well ventilated.”

GripGrab Light Arm Warmers
“I love these warmers. They have just the right warmth to keep me comfortable. I use them a lot in the summer for the cooler rides with temperatures under 18 degrees Celsius. When the temperature drops to under 10 degrees Celsius I’ll go for the GripGrab Regular Arm Warmers.”

Martin’s choice of clothing

“In contrast to Peter, I’m more sensitive to cold and tend to dress a bit warmer than others to be sure to stay warm and comfortable the whole way. My choice of clothing today was a little to the warmer side, and I could easily have chosen a thinner jersey. Then my setup would have been perfect because my choice of warmers, gloves, and headwear was spot on target. But again, I like to be on the safe side of being warm … and I was! So, mission accomplished.”

My two favorite products today

GripGrab Summer Cycling Cap
“I’m always wearing a cycling cap underneath my helmet! Except when it’s too cold, and I’ll wear a beanie instead. The Cycling Cap shields my eyes and face of the sun and rain and it gives a little warmth.”

GripGrab Primavera Merino Gloves
“I’m a big fan of Merino wool products. That’s also why I’ve chosen the Merino Headglove today. My base layer is in Merino wool as well. As Peter is mentioning, the Merino has some incredible capabilities of tempering and ventilate. I’m a photographer, so I like to shoot a lot of pictures when I’m out riding, som for me it’s a huge advantage that the conductive materials on the fingertips make it possible for me to take pictures with my smartphone without taking off my gloves!”

What to wear in colder conditions? And what to wear in rainy weather?

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