Base Layer Buying Guide

September 11, 2018

Base Layer Buying Guide

A base layer provides the critical foundation to any layering system, whether it is in hot climates or cool temperatures.

Facilitating temperature regulation and perspiration management, a base layer helps to keep you warm and dry in the winter, and cool and dry in the summer.

There is no one base layer that is optimal for all conditions. Base layers come in a variety of materials, cuts and styles. In order to maximise performance in any given environment, it is necessary to consider the different varieties of base layer.

To provide optimal comfort and performance in all conditions, GripGrab has developed a complete range of base layers, for all budgets and riding environments.



Cold Conditions Winter Base Layers

The majority of winter base layers are long sleeved. The insulation of the lower arms helps warm blood from the body's core to flow down to the hands, keeping the extremity region warm.

Cold condition base layers are also available in some short-sleeved varieties. This is because in the transition seasons you might want added protection and insulation for your core, but you want to retain the ability to regulate temperature by wearing arm warmers.

Winter base layers are available in a variety of materials too, each with benefits.

Merino Wool Winter Base Layers - Merino wool is unique, because its ultra-fine yarns make it beautifully soft; as well as a superb insulator, even when wet. The finer yarn also helps to provide greater stretch than other natural materials. These properties make it a great choice for a winter base layer.

Seamless Winter Base Layers -Seamless garments are made using a circular knit technology, which means they require no stitching. The technology provides a high-stretch synthetic fabric that is cost effective to create; with good insulation, and good wicking capabilities. Consider our GripGrab Expert Long Sleeve Thermal Base Layer as a superb example of a seamless base layer.

Windproof Winter Base Layers- The latest man-made fabric technology has allowed the creation of superfine knits, which provide a protective windproof shield. Despite their protective nature, these fabrics retain a high breathability level that allows the body to breathe, and perspiration to escape. Windproof panels on the front of a winter base layer give added protection from the elements.

Warp-Knit Winter Base Layers -For the ultimate fit, consider warp-knitted base layers. The pioneering technology allows fabric thickness to be contoured throughout a garment, as well as it being seamless. The result, is that you can place added insulation in specific areas of a winter base layer, yet also integrate high-stretch areas to provide a superb fit. This is the height of base layer technology. View our GripGrab Freedom Seamless Thermal Base Layer as an example of a state-of-the-art winter base layer. 

Winter Base Layer GripGrab



Hot Conditions Summer Base Layers

The primary role of a summer base layer is to wick (transport) perspiration away from your body, and allow it to evaporate. This aids comfort, by keeping you dry and by delivering a cooling effect.

Summer base layers are either sleeveless or short sleeved. In some conditions, you value the added protection for your shoulders, but at other times you want minimal fabric under your outer layer.

Mesh Summer Base Layers - In the heat of the summer, a mesh base layer can deliver the greatest wicking performance. With minimal fabric surface area, it allows moisture to be transported away from the skin quickly, whilst only trapping the smallest amount of heat beneath the fabric.  

Seamless Summer Base Layers - Similar to with winter options, seamless fabric technology offers a good low-cost option for summer base layers. The synthetic material provides good wicking performance, and a high stretch for an optimal fit.

Warp-Knitted Summer Base Layers - The contouring capability provided by warp-knitted technology means that you achieve the closest possible fit for a summer base layer. The 'second-skin' profiling allows for maximum contact area with the skin's surface, providing the most effective wicking and cooling performance.



A complete range of base layers, with a variety of materials and knits, will mean there is a base layer for every budget, and all weather conditions.


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