6 Tips On How to Step Up Your Cycling Sock Game

February 20, 2018

6 Tips On How to Step Up Your Cycling Sock Game

By Peter Ebro, GripGrab

Back in the good old days, the bibs were supposed to be black and the socks white like the bar tape. But times have changed and it's now more than OK to max out on the colours, lengths, patterns, and materials on your cycling socks.

Here are our 6 tips on how to up your sock game.

Tip 1: Colour Up

GripGrab Lightweight SL Sock Doping

Obey the Velominati rule #27: "Cycling socks can be any damn colour you like, but make sure the sock matches the rest of your kit."

And try to remember the unwritten rule in the Pro Tour Peloton: white shoes should be matched with white socks, black shoes should be matched with black socks — don't mix it.

But feel free to colour up!

Match your kit with one of our 8 colours of the GripGrab Lightweight SL socks.

GripGrab Lightweight SL

GripGrab Lightweight SL Socks

Tip 2: Get the Height Right

GripGrab Lightweight SL Sock Doping

The height of the socks certainly does matter and is often a topic for discussion. Some like them short, others like them long. But there is a consensus that the socks shouldn't be any higher than above the middle of the calf muscles, so don't wear compression socks on your bike. Even UCI have forbidden knee-high socks: "The socks and shoe covers used in competition must not extend above the middle of the leg"(UCI Technical Regulations p. 46).

No socks are no go! And be careful not to go to low on your sock height, unless you are female, want tanned ankles, or just want to challenge this unwritten and highly debated rule of cycling. 

So, what's the correct height? Well, it really comes down to personal preferences, but you can stay safe and look good, by aiming for a sock height of around 12-16cm. Here is the Lightweight SL Sock right in the sweet spot — 15cm. The Regular Cut Socks are as well safe choices with their 12cm.

Tip 3: Stay Classic, Stay Safe

GripGrab Lightweight SL White

If you want to make sure that you don't break any written or unwritten cycling rules, then stay safe and classic with a pair of white socks in just the right length. 

GripGrab Lightweight SL

GripGrab Lightweight SL

But remember, when wearing white socks they have to be totally white — there is nothing as uncool as over-washed greyish socks.

Tip 4: Look Fast

Not only do stripes make you appear slimmer (if they're turned the right way), they also make you look fast. Look and feel fast with the GripGrab Racing Stripes.

GripGrab Racing Stripes Socks

GripGrab Racing Stripes Socks

Tip 5: No More Stinky Feet

Tim Wiggins with the GripGrab Merino Regular Cut Sock

Avoid the terrible odor of foot sweat by wearing a pair of socks made from Merino wool. Wool has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, meaning that it won’t start smelling when you get a bit sweaty the way synthetic fabrics do.

Because of this, wool doesn’t need to be washed as often and is a great fabric for extended trips.

GripGrab Merino Cycling Socks

GripGrab Merino Regular Cut Sock / GripGrab Merino Winter Sock

Read more about the many benefits from Merino Wool: Buyer's Guide: Why Wool is Gold for Winter Cycling

Tip 6: Be Seen

GripGrab Light SL Sock Doping

Make sure to be seen when riding in low light conditions by wearing a pair of visible socks from the Hi-Vis range.

GripGrab Hi-Vis Socks


A little bonus tip; they also look cool in daylight! 

There are a lot of written and unwritten rules and traditions regarding cycling socks. But fortunately they have been liberalized, so now everybody can up their sock game in the way they want!

Let us know: What is your best tip on how to up your sock game? Leave a comment below. 

Get a full overview of the GripGrab range of socks: Buyer's Guide to GripGrab Cycling Socks

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