4 Reasons for Wearing Gloves for Summer Cycling

June 12, 2018

4 Reasons for Wearing Gloves for Summer Cycling

By Peter Ebro, GripGrab

Mud, sweat, and tears are part of cycling - just like cycling gloves (ormitts, if you are from the UK). Yes, whilst most of us will agree that gloves are essential to survive winter cycling, it is a more discussed topic when it comes to summer cycling.

Some might feel that gloves are entirely uncool, others will only wear them in races, and some wear them on each and every ride.

Here are 4 reasons for wearing gloves for summer cycling...

1) Prevent your hands from slipping on the handlebars

Hands get sweaty pretty quickly in the summer. Without gloves, your hands tend to slip and slide on the bars and brake levers. While a good bar tape can compensate for some of it, it is still more comfortable riding with thin summer gloves like the Roadster or Racing, because they absorb the sweat and always provide plenty of grip for hands and fingers on all parts of the bars.

Is it uncool? Not with GripGrab gloves.

2) Easy to wipe away sweat

Sweat on your hands is one thing. Sweat from your nose or forehead another. It is much easier to handle it by wiping it off with gloves than with bare hands.

3) Protect your hands in a crash

I will admit, before working for GripGrab I only wore gloves for racing.

As a junior, I crashed quite a lot. Each time, the gloves saved my hands. Nowadays, I also wear them for training; not for fear of crashing, but for improved grip on the bars, and to show people the beautiful gloves that GripGrab offer.

4) Optimise your comfort on the bike

Comfort on long rides is another argument for many people to wear summer cycling gloves. It is not by accident that the GripGrab ProGel and GripGrab SuperGel gloves our bestselling models.

Opinions differ from rider to rider, but there is a reassuringly large amount of cyclists that trust in our DoctorGel padding. It takes away a lot of the bumps from the roads and trails, and in case of a crash it provides even more protection.

Still not convinced?

Let us know your reasons for not wearing gloves in summer by commenting below.

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