• Winter Socks

    We are dedicated to the battle against wet and cold feet, and our range of shoe covers helps you win the battle against the elements. But a warm and waterproof shoe cover does not alone do the trick. To convincingly win the battle your feet need a high quality pair of socks to ensure maximum insulation. For many of our sponsored athletes the favourite combination is the Arctic shoe cover and the Woollen Winter Sock. What’s your favourite combo?

Warm feet starts with a good pair of socks. Try our winter socks with wool and see for yourself!

The first step towards warm and dry feet is a pair of good quality socks. Try our Winter sock with Merino wool and experience a new feeling! Our socks contribute to our battle against wet and cold feet. The provide warmth and insulation from inside your shoe and are a perfect match when paired with one of our many shoecovers. A favourite combination for a lot of riders is our Winter cycling socks inside a pair a of shoes protected by the GripGrab Arctic shoecover - With this GripGrab cocktail cold feet are a thing of the past! Our Winter cycling socks are known for their great fitting and their excellent comfort as well as their effective insulating properties.

Cycling socks by GripGrab are specialists in their area. Winter cycling socks should not only be warm but also comfortable and cosy. We have a whole variety of cycling socks for different conditions.

Especially in the beginning and in the end of the season it is likely that you will race in mild to cold temperatures. Whilst a pure winter sock would be too warm for the efforts of a bike race, the Thin Merino Wool Sock is an ideal match for your feet. This sock performs great when riding at a high intensity on cooler days. A nice fit and high level of breathability will prevent your feet from cooking. For training, however, it’s preferable to have something warmer. This is where the Spring/Fall cycling sock comes into play. It is remarkably comfortable and keeps your feet perfectly warm while riding during spring and fall. When it gets truly cold during winter time and you need a cycling sock that is capable of keeping your feet warm over long, freezing training rides, we recommend the Winter Cycling Sock made of merino wool. The reinforced heel and toe sections make for excellent durability. You don’t mind riding on stormy days? We can help you make it a more enjoyable experience with our Windproof Sock. It keeps the wind where it belongs: on the outside. The pre-shaped sock ensures a nice and comfortable fit. You can also combine it with one of our shoes covers and get the ideal setup for riding on cold winter days. Keep the bad weather out with a pair of GripGrab shoecovers and keep the heat in with a pair of GripGrab socks from our Winter range.

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