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    Coming from Denmark, a country where the winters are cold and wet, we have always given special attention to our range of winter gloves. Every model in our range of winter cycling gloves are developed considering the importance of giving you comfortable hands on the ride, no matter how bad the weather gets.

  • Perfect fit

    Avoid cold and numb fingers. Our range of winter cycling gloves covers your need, so you can enjoy your training sessions regardless of weather.

Keep warm and dry with GripGrab winter cycling gloves

Winter cycling gloves are mandatory when the temperature drops and the weather is throwing rain, hail, snow and sleet your way. A pair of really good cycling gloves needs to be windproof, waterproof, warm and breathable, in order to make your ride as comfortable as possible. Our range of winter cycling gloves offers a wide selection of gloves with these qualities, in order to meet the exact demand from the rider.

In order to find a way through our extensive range of winter cycling gloves we'll give you a little help. For cyclocross and mountain biking in cold conditions you need a glove that will keep you warm without being too thick as the high intensity efforts of cross and mountain biking usually result in an increase in body temperature. On the other hand a cycling glove for riding your mountain bike during winter should still protect you from hazards out on the trail and provide supreme grip on your handlebars. The Raptor is a glove that will satisfy your needs. The 4 mm DoctorGel padding also makes the Raptor extremely comfortable. In our range of long cycling gloves you'll find the Racing and SuperGel XC which are ideal for when the temperature is higher. Our all-round performer for cycling in winter is the Windster glove. A windproof, waterproof, breathable glove that also includes a sweat wiper and 4 mm DoctorGel padding making the Windster the ideal cycling glove for all situations in winter. Should you lack warmth from the Windster in terribly cold conditions you can simply combine it with the Insulator glove, a thin liner glove. The Insulator is ideal for mild temperatures when you start your training with cold hands. Once you have warmed up enough you can easily store the Insulator away in your jersey thanks to the thin and soft materials. For the cross season you will be looking for a comfortable and warm glove. When you’re out on a ride with your road bike, cyclocross bike or mountain bike during cool spring and fall days, the Hurricane provides you with warmth and protection from wind and bad weather. Basically, the Hurricane is a slimmed down version of the Windster. When winter hits you with it's full force the Polaris or even the three-finger-construction Nordic winter gloves will definitely keep your hands warm during your rides through the cold. Both gloves feature windproof and waterproof materials, a 4 mm DoctorGel padding and are great mitts for anyone who doesn't shy away from cycling during even the harshest of conditions. Have you ever been cycling in relentless rain with cold fingers and all you can think about is simply getting home?  Next time just wear our Neoprene cycling gloves to combat the rain. If there is a glove that will keep the water away from your hands it is the Neoprene cycling glove which features 3 mm of neoprene. Cold fingers in the rain are history! Just like we have with our shoe covers, there is also a commuter version of our cycling winter gloves. For quality and comfort with a stylish touch, us the GripGrab Urban Softshell glove for your daily commute to and from work.

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