How do you prefer your socks? Do you go for the sporty look and choose the short version? Are you more traditional and go for the regular cut or are you a raving fan of the high-cut sock, and would never wear anything else? We have made it easy for you: Short, Regular and High cut socks. In black and white. It is as simple as that.

High quality, breathable, a perfect fit and classic look - What else do you need in a cycling sock?

The high cut sock provides the classic road racing look. You'll find the perfect sock for you, regardless of preference; GripGrab cycling socks comes in short, regular and high cut. In black and white - Literally! Our socks are designed for cycling and the summer socks comes with Coolmax® which is ideal for riding in a hot climate. Open mesh-zones provides breathability and also make the socks perfect for indoor activities such as spinning. Optimal fit and comfort are also achieved thanks to a stretch arch support that prevents the socks from slipping. With the low cut sock your tan will improve on your lower leg, while the high cut will give you that classic bike-tan. A pair of GripGrab High Cut Socks combined with the cool RaceAero Shoecover is sure to make you look fast on that bike!

Whether it's a long day in the saddle or a short, fast race, your feet have to handle a lot of stress and are one of three contact points between you and your bike. That is why it is hugely important to support your feet as well as possible. A good cycling shoe and a high quality cycling sock will improve comfort, efficiency and help prevent injury. As well as performance, road racing is a lot about aesthetics, with our summer socks range you're sure to achieve that classic, classy look. However, it is not just cycling socks for summer that we produce, you will also find a variety of winter cycling socks to make your cycling as pleasant as possible during the cold months of the year. You see, the comfort of your feet when riding your bike is important to us. You can feel it every time you ride and see it every time you pull on a pair of GripGrab cycling socks: “Foot Love”

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