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    Choosing an appropriate outfit when running in unpredictable weather can be tricky. You are running your favorite trail and suddenly the weather changes from nice and sunny to freezing cold. That’s when it feels great to be prepared for a little bit of everything, and we promise you will be thankful that you brought your GripGrab warmers made especially for changing weather, high altitude running and adventure racing.

  • light weight

    Warmers are extremely effective at regulating body temperature and are both comfortable and lightweight. They are part of every runner's kit bag who enjoy having a warm body and a positive mind, even when running in bad weather. Because GripGrab Warmers are lightweight and effective they are great for running in the mountains.

Armwarmers and legwarmers - Perfect for bad weather and running in the mountains

GripGrab Warmers, aka sleeves, are perfect for when the forecast is unpredictable and the chance of wind and rain is high. An early morning ride might be cold at first, but then gradually get warmer. Look great and feel comfortable while wearing your GripGrab Warmers and as temperature rises (along with your body temperature), roll the sleeves down or put them in your pocket - keep riding and feel the brisk air. With Arm and Leg Warmers your comfort is always prioritized. Flexibility and versatility combined with excellent efficiency makes this product a mandatory piece of equipment for every cyclist heading out in changeable weather conditions. For trail running, fell running and running in the mountains the GripGrab Warmers are an especially a nice piece of gear: Imagine a sunny day in the Alps turning into a cold, windy and exposed tour - Warmers will save the day!

Running is not a sport for people waiting for fair weather. Wind, rain, cold - our arm and leg warmers will keep you protected and on track. Runners with a full time job in particular will profit from GripGrab arm and leg warmers for running as they usually do their workouts either in the early morning or late afternoon when it’s often dark or misty. With our warmers you are ideally equipped for the run. Not everybody likes long running pants, leg warmers are an excellent alternative. For freezing conditions leg warmers can be worn in addition to long pants. The advantage of warmers is that you can easily take them off once it gets too warm. You can hardly do that with a long sleeve shirt or long pants. This allows you to adapt to changing weather conditions in a matter of seconds. Arm and leg warmers for cycling are also part of our range of cycling and running accessories.

We don't just have warmers that will make your run safer and more comfortable. Be sure to check out our range of running gloves for both warm and cold conditions as well as hats like the Skull Cap Windster to keep you warm or the Running Cap to protect your head from the sun during summer.

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