Gloves and caps are essential pieces of equipment for those who don’t put their running shoes on the shelf when the temperature drops. Our range of gloves and caps are designed in close cooperation with experienced Scandinavian runners who all share a passion for running outside all year long.

  • Welcome Winter!

    In the winter, gloves and caps are an essential part of the outfit for all runners. We admire those who run outside all year long, and that’s why we have created a range of running gloves and headwear that will do the trick for all runners who aren’t afraid of the elements. No matter if you’re fast or slow you are sure to find a GripGrab product that will cover your needs.

  • Adventure

    GripGrab is part of your adventure - We´re passionate runners ourselves, and know the importance of having the right gear.

Equipment for the runner: Running gloves, headwear and warmers

Being a Danish brand, GripGrab has a strong sense of what´s needed in terms of protection from cold weather and humidity. All of our models within the running gloves, running headwear, leg warmers and arm warmers range are developed to keep you comfortable regardless of how cold or wet it is. Our running gloves with the Easytouch function make it easy to operate a GPS watch, smartphone or an MP3 player. GripGrab Running gloves come in three different models, in order to cover all seasons and possible weather conditions. Running gloves are an essential part of your equipment if you enjoy running all year round. GripGrab running gloves are designed in collaboration with experienced runners from Scandinavia, all of whom share a passion for running outdoors throughout the year. Choose between running gloves and mitts, skull caps, running scarfs, buffs, headbands and more.

The classic running glove in our line-up of running gloves is the Running Expert. Equipped with the Easy Touch function and a sweat wiper it is the ideal glove for most jogging conditions. They can be used for any outdoor activity, from football training to your early morning run before work. Hardened runners don’t stop after summer has passed, but instead continue on through winter. For guys like you there is a glove that will make running in tough conditions more enjoyable. The Running Thermo features a windproof cover and warm materials to keep the fun high when temperatures are low.

When you’re running in winter it will not be sufficient to keep only your hands warm. You'll also needs proper protection from the wind and cold for your head and neck. Accessories that do this job not only make your exercise more comfortable but might also prevent an illness such as a cold. A new product line of ours is the Hi-Vis range, this includes products such as gloves and hats that are fluorescent. Besides the Running Expert Hi-Vis glove for running the range also includes the glowing Skull Cap Hi-Vis. These items of kit increase your visibility when running in the dark. To protect your neck you can either try the Balaclava, which will also keep your face and ears warm, or you can go for the Headglove Thermo tube scarf, perfect in combination with one of the running hats.

For jogging in changing weather conditions we recommend using arm and leg warmers. This way you can easily adapt to the weather in a matter of seconds during your run. If you’re also looking for gloves and hats for cycling besides the range of arm and leg warmers, running gloves and running hats, make sure to check out our cycling accessories.

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