• Hi-Vis

    The Hi-Vis series is designed to make you be seen in any lighting condition - Day and night. Low visibility of runners in traffic is a potentially dangerous situation. GripGrab has a range of Hi-Vis products to make your running safer.

  • safe running

    The Running Expert Hi-Vis increases your safety when running in the dark or in urban and cityscapes. The highly reflective glove with excellent breathability also features a sweat wiper and silicone grip in order to make the optimal high visibility running glove.

We call it Hi-Vis for High Visibility - others might call it fluorescent or neon

It´s a proven fact that bright clothing, especially high visibility yellow or green, increases your safety in traffic. You´re more visible to the traffic, due to your flourescent gloves and bright yellow hat or skull cap. The GripGrab Hi-Vis range covers all accessories from hats and headwear, arm and leg warmers, running gloves, cycling gloves, commuter gloves, socks and shoecovers - we even make a head glove in Hi-Vis bright yellow. All our High Visiblity products feature the same maximum functionality and top quality known from our proven and tested range of running accessories. Be safe and smart - Wear Hi-Vis!

For cyclists and runners alike it is of vital importance to be seen. Often enough also runners are overlooked by other traffic groups, mostly due to low visibility. As a runner, you hardly can and want to carry strong lights with you. The more important it is to take care of your safety differently. With fluorescent gloves, arm and leg warmers and hats you can significantly increase your safety whilst running and reduce the risk of being overlooked. Runners with fulltime jobs are usually forced to do their workouts early in the morning or in the evening, when it’s often rather dark. Darkness is not the only obstacle to overcome, mist is another factor that influences visibility. That is why it is so important to wear Hi-Vis clothing. Thanks to the range of GripGrab Hi-Vis products for running you don’t have to make compromises towards safety and comfort. Fluorescent clothes are most effective when worn on moving body parts. As you don’t only move your legs but also hands and arms whilst running you’re perfectly equipped with the Running Expert Hi-Vis glove and our fluorescent arm and leg warmers. Now you can go out for a safe run no matter the conditions – day or night. Besides the safety aspect, GripGrab Hi-Vis running products also look pretty cool.

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