• Hi-Vis

    Reduce your risk of an accident by almost 50%. The Hi-Vis series is designed to help you be seen in any lighting condition - Day and night. The risk of accidents is larger for cyclists than for any other traffic group. One of the main reasons for this is low visibility of cyclists.

We call it Hi-Vis for High Visibility - others might call it neon or maybe fluorescent

It´s a proven fact that bright clothing, especially high visibility yellow or green, increases your safety in traffic. You´re more visible to the traffic, due to your fluorescent gloves and bright yellow shoecovers. The GripGrab Hi-Vis range covers all accessories; from hats and headwear, arm and leg warmers, running gloves, cycling gloves, commuter gloves, socks and shoecovers - we even make a helmet cover in Hi-Vis. All our High Visibility products feature the same level of functionality and high quality known from our proven and tested range of cycling and running accessories. Be safe, be smart - Wear Hi-Vis!

Reduce your risk of accidents by almost 50 %!

The risk of accidents is larger for cyclists than for any other traffic group. Increase your visibility and therefore safety in traffic with our GripGrab Hi-Vis products. Fluorescent gloves pay dividends, especially for cyclists, when signaling for a turn. With Hi-Vis gloves car drivers and other traffic groups can see your signals a lot better and you reduce the risk of being overlooked. If for example you have a light on your bike that's set on 'flashing' mode you're far more likely to be spotted than if it's not flashing. The same goes for wearing Hi-Vis shoe covers like the Race Thermo or the RaceAero. The repetitive up and down motion of pedalling in Hi-Vis shoecovers generates a similar effect to that of a flashing light and you're more likely to be seen by others. High Visibility products not only increase your safety because you are seen better but also because you draw the attention of other traffic groups to you. This also reduces your risk of an accident. Fluorescent shoe covers, socks and gloves are great for racing in as well, at least as long as you like to get the spectator’s attention. In the end our Hi-Vis range of cycling accessories increases your safety and lengthens your season as you can train for longer in lower light conditions. By the way, the same goes for runners and our running line of high visibility products.

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